FUNNY: There’s A Rufa Mae Quinto Version of ’13 Reasons Why’ Because Anything Is Possible

13 Reasons Why is one of the hottest American shows at this time. It’s a series based on a book of the same name about a teenager who committed suicide and sent tapes containing a recording of her telling the story of why she did it. Each side of the tape was dedicated to someone who pushed her to commit suicide.

It may be a critically acclaimed series worldwide, but it doesn’t keep Filipinos from using it to make people laugh. And because Filipinos are naturally creative, witty, and resourceful people, the possibilities of parodies are endless.

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On social media, Twitter user @irshxrvn posted videos of a cassette recording being played in 13 Reasons Why style. It isn’t until we hear the voice that we realize that it’s not what we expected.

It’s the voice of Rufa Mae Quinto introducing herself through the tape! (Well, it’s the voice of @irshxrvn as Rufa Mae Quinto–so, Rufa Mae really didn’t have anything to do with this, directly.)

What started as just one trending tweet became a series (just like the show) of Rufa Mae Quinto’s recordings on a ‘tape’.

The next few ‘tapes’ were just Rufa Mae Quinto ranting about things like taxi apps or Toni Gonzaga.

Check out some of them below:

But, just to be clear, it wasn’t REALLY Rufa Mae Quinto who was speaking in these videos. They were actually impersonations by @irshxrvn.

Pretty cool, right?

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