FUNNY: Questions About Pregnancy On Yahoo! Answers Will Make You Either LOL Or Lose Your Faith In Humanity

People, although wonderful, unique creatures, can sometimes (okay, a lot of times) be very… idiotic.

This video compilation of questions on Yahoo! Answers is proof of that. Watch and be amazed (and make sure to turn up the volume!):

Source: J.T. Sexkik

The caption reads:

A glimpse into the wonderful world of Yahoo! Answers. Song is Curley Shirley by Otto Sieben.

Twitch channel is still underway, just been having some technical difficulties. Gonna try and get it off the ground within the week. When it’s ready I’ll post a quick announcement video with a scheduled time.

Although this may be funny, this video is an indication of a problem that is even a bigger issue in our country: lack of knowledge on reproductive health. Let’s all educate ourselves!