FUNNY: Iba’t-Ibang Uri ng Manginginom

Pekoiman or Russelle Lovedioro IRL is a comic artist who gained popularity on social media and is known for his funny comics called “Sagoserye”.

He posted a recent creation called “Iba’t-Ibang Uri ng Manginginom”. (Different kind of [alcohol] drinkers)

It was funny as it hits close to home.

He categorized the drinkers as Songer, Dramatic Actors, Texter, Boy Curfew, Cam Whor*s, Hokage, Weak, English Speaking, Basagulero, Tiga-tawag ng Uwak, Kung Fu, Mapagpanggap, Saling-Pusa, Latecomer, Bangkero/Joker/Barbers, Salisi Gang, and Denial King.

uri-ng-manginginom-2 uri-ng-manginginom-3 uri-ng-manginginom-1

Who among these types of drinkers are you?

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