FUNNY: Harry Styles and James Corden Keep Messing Up Because They Can’t Stop Singing

American late night talk show The Late Late Show with James Corden is known for their hilarious skits, and for this one, singer (and now-actor) Harry Styles is host James Corden’s partner in crime. And in this case, well, quite literally.

WATCH: The Official Trailer of Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ with Harry Styles is Out!

Imagine two people who just can’t. stop. singing. Yep, that’s Harry and James in this funny skit where the duo just can’t help breaking into a song, even in the most pressing of times. How pressing? Well, during a surgery, a funeral, and a situation concerning national security.

Don’t let us spoil it for you. Watch the skit below:

Harry Styles’ debut solo album came out this May. He is also appearing in Christopher Nolan’s epic war film, Dunkirk, which comes out in July 2017.