FUNNY: Harry and Ron didn’t quite get to Hogwarts!

This… doesn’t look like Hogwarts at all.

Navigation is difficult enough as is but navigating a magical flying car must be some next level difficulty we can’t even imagine. We don’t blame Harry and Ron for getting lost! LOL getting lost is one thing… getting into an accident along SLEX, however, is something else.

Anyone got a map back to the United Kingdom for our lost wizards? They might need some help getting back! Better yet–a chimney so they can floo powder their way back? Does floo powder work overseas? So many questions still left unanswered!

Kidding aside, check out this car being towed away that looks hilariously like Arthur Weasley’s car! We definitely did a double take!

BREAKING NEWS: Harry Potter at Ron Weasley, nasiraan sa may SLEX.

Posted by James Caraan on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Best of luck to our favorite Gryffindor duo as they try to find their way back. They should’ve brought Hermione along, LOL. Maybe they’d be in school on time (and not costing Gryffindor so many house points).

Where do you think they made a wrong turn? Let us know!

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