Funk Trunk Wooden Sunglasses: Funk Up The Outdoors This Summer!

Summer is finally here, and nothing says fashion statement in a tropical country like really cool sunglasses!

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From a variety of designer eyewear brands to choose from, you can feel free to express yourself in whatever summer style you’re trying to rock. From beach glam to old-fashioned sophistication, there’s always going to be the perfect pair of sunglasses designed for you.

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This 2015 however, everyone seems to be bitten by the travel bug, and they’re spending their days under the bright rays of the sun filling their wanderlust! From hiking at the nearest mountain, to jumping off cliffs and into a deep, cool lake, and even just enjoying the cool breeze from the coconut trees as you swing by a hammock on the shore, these pairs of wooden sunglasses definitely look like they’re made for the outdoors.

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We present you… Funk Trunk.

Quite apt for its name, Funk Trunk brings the funk in your summer style, with handcrafted wooden sunglasses that suit just about anyone! These hip glasses are made out of responsibly sourced wood, which makes the wearer at one with nature more than ever. Not only is it stylish, it’s eco-friendly as well.

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Funk Trunk aims to showcase the beauty of wood in its simplicity by crafting eyewear that give almost just a smooth, minimalist vibe– but like I said, they’re perfect for the outdoors! This summer, with a host of outdoor activities lined up such as surfing, trekking, and beach hopping, Funk Trunk wooden sunglasses would be the perfect companion.

There is something definitely very chic and hip about these Funk Trunk glasses, that give just the right amount of edge and playfulness.

Besides the wooden frames, they’re also SPF-ready, equipped to protect you from the rays of the sun.

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My little sister, Jillian, enjoying the outdoors with bubbles.

According to Funk Trunk, they’re best for people who see life as an everyday adventure.

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Besides sunglasses, Funk Trunk also sells phone cases, available in Walnut and in Bamboo!

The owners behind it warn, however, that the wooden phone cases are more for aesthetic’s sake and might not be able to protect your phone as well as, say, a chatterbox.

But you have to admit, protective or no protective features, those wooden cases look REALLY good.

We’re also huge fans of their packaging, which they placed every handmade sunwear into one package, these smooth-looking wooden barrels.

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Look at how much we’re enjoying the summer thanks to our new eyewear!

Funk Trunk is available online at Zalora, and through their website.

Our friends at Funk Trunk are doing a special When In Manila promo! YOU can now get these awesome-looking wooden accessories at a discount!

Enter the following code on their website for the coupon: wheninmanila

Also, catch Funk Trunk at the Wanderland Festival this April 25 at Circuit Makati!

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