Full-time Doctors, Part-time Bloggers: These Identical Twins Have The Best Of Both Worlds

Are you currently torn between two passions? Do you feel pressured to choose only one of your heart’s desire and give up the other? Do you ever feel like you can’t do both?

Well, what if we tell you that you can actually pursue both? Listen up because these doctor-blogger identical twins will show you how it’s done.

Debbie and Demmie Fermin are 25-year-old identical twins. Aside from their Doctor of Medicine degrees, Debbie is a licensed Medical Technologist and Demmie is a licensed nurse. They both graduated from University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and are currently post-graduate medical interns in Makati Medical Center.

Learn more about how they fearlessly pursue their passions below.

  1. What motivated you to start blogging and traveling?

“As identical twins, blogging is our avenue to showcase our similarities and differences in style. We grew up dressed alike and our blog became an expression of our individualism. It started by blogging about our fashion ideas, beauty experiments, and DIYs while injecting some of our personal experiences and struggles in medical school. Upon graduating, we explored more diverse interests like writing about our travels. Surprisingly, we received a lot of views, positive feedbacks, and sponsorship offers. 

Being in the medical field, we appreciated the value of time. Having days off is already a luxury. Hence, we maximized the limited time that we have by traveling on our free days. Traveling widen our perspective. We were able to see new places, experience different cultures and indulged our palate with different flavors each place has to offer. There’s a euphoric feeling each time we set foot in places we have only seen in pictures or movies. It’s a detox from the stressful but fulfilling world of medicine. “


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  1. How do you balance blogging and pursuing a medical career?

“We set our priorities straight. To be honest, we had difficulties in balancing blogging and the demanding profession of medicine. However, our pursuit for higher learning will always be our priority. We want to brand ourselves as, “Always doctors, sometimes bloggers”. Though the blogosphere and the medical profession are two different worlds, we juggled them both through sheer passion and determination. In fact, the medical profession relies heavily on precise timing and multi-tasking. Every second counts. Thus, time management and teamwork enable us to balance our medical career and our passion for blogging. “

  1. What do you love most about being bloggers and doctors at the same time?

“It has never occurred to us that we can be role models. We have been receiving a lot of heartwarming messages from young girls, telling us that we motivate them to reach their goals without setting aside their passions. It is fulfilling to be positive influencers. Growing up, we look up to a lot of role models who inspired us to pursue our dream to become doctors. We hope that by sharing our journey, we will be able to inspire others as well.”

3 more weeks ’til our next travel ???? #berlin

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  1. Any word for those who would like to try blogging while pursuing a professional career?

“Never limit yourself. Be multi-hyphenated! We understand that pursuing a professional career would require a lot of patience and handwork. But we should also not forget our passions outside of work – may it be blogging, cooking, traveling, or whatever floats your boat. It will never be a walk in the park but you’ll be surprised on what you’re capable of. Like what we usually say, own it!”

If Debbie and Demmie can do it, then so can you!

Believe in yourself, work hard, and as the twins put it, “Never limit youself! Be multi-hyphenated!”. Who knows? We might be writing about you next time!

Do you also think they’re #goals? Share your thought with us.


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