FULL STORY: This passenger witnessed his cab driver’s wife cheating on him

One of the worst things that you ever have to encounter in an awkward situation is how you can’t escape it on the spot.

Graphic made by Elena Salazar

For Jobim Javier, what seemed to be a normal car ride turned out to be an outrageous one. He was a witness to his driver’s wife cheating on him while on the phone during a ride. Hold on to your tea.

He starts his series of tweets by allowing us to picture the scenario: a taxi ride – a driver, passenger, and a ‘third party’ through a call.

Javier tries to balance his emotions and keep his priority in check – getting home safe. But frankly, wouldn’t you want to give comfort to the driver who knows how bad his heart is breaking? The worst case is, he could possibly feel embarrassed that someone outside the relationship (other than the third party) witnesses this mess, too. But…

Things are escalating pretty quickly here, and it must’ve sunk in with the driver by now that he wouldn’t hold back his emotions, even in the presence of the passenger. Javier’s usage of words makes us envision the scenario like a soap opera’s.

This is where the drama unfolds. We’ll provide rough translations for the following tweets.
(My man just started screaming “Where are you? HA??? Who are you with???
But this b is quick, she was all “Junior doesn’t have milk anymore, I just bought milk!)

(I heard you! You said he should let go of your panty!
But this b was all
“PAMPERS! I bought Pampers!!!”)

The driver asks her who ‘daddy’ is, and who she has been addressing ‘daddy’ to. The wife, on the other end of the line, simply responds, “my father”.
Oh, boy.

“Lablab ko” is roughly translated to “my love”.

The driver comes back smart. “If I call D right now, is he going to answer? You guys are together, right???”
Jaw drop!

The wife surrenders and asks her husband, the driver, to “come home so they can talk”. The driver, who is reluctant, remains firm and tells her that they have nothing to discuss. Javier roots on kuya driver, as he tries to keep himself together, “despite her (the wife’s) pleas”.

As the dust settles a bit, the driver’s vulnerability is seen by Javier.
“You know, sir. It’s hard if you’ve been married for a long time. But there’s nothing we can do. I chose her.”
“Pinili” denotes the idea of choosing out of one’s free will, while the latter, “napili”, implies that it is done out of ‘no choice’. We agree that the choice of words truly makes a difference.

Javier wishes his driver well and gives his change in hopes (for Javier) that he could get himself a drink.

Well, that’s a sad tale. No one likes cheaters.

That’s one drastic way to discover someone cheating on you; and if you’re reading this Kuya driver, we’re sending you hugs!

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