FULL STORY: This guy had a solo cinematic experience for “A Quiet Place”!

Wow, talk about bravery!

“A Quiet Place” is a 2018 film deemed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. We’ll spare spoilers here for those who haven’t seen it, but basically, it tells a tale of a family that lives on a farm. Their lives are pretty much warped around the idea that their lives are dependent on sound, as these attract monsters in the area. Make a squeak, you’re doomed. Well, a sequel is in the works so there’s going to be another nail-biting experience when it’s out!

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One brave soul was able to enjoy the cinematic experience of this thriller movie solo. Yes, you read right. Solo. It was a full-blown experience for  Jon Christoffer Obice who tells WHEN IN MANILA that it was a nerve-wracking experience as if he were in the movie himself, for the cinema’s quiet surroundings.

“Actually I just wanted to watch this movie, on my own, to de-stress. But I did not expect that I’d be the sole viewer of that movie in that cinema,” Obice laughs.

When he purchased the ticket, the salesperson informed him that he would be the only viewer in the cinema.

“Although I was hesitant at first, I still pushed through because I think it’s a one of a kind experience to watch the film alone for the entire cinema. At first, I took the middle seat in the front row. But when the movie started with its opening scene, I felt uneasy, being paranoid that someone might grab my feet or poke me from behind. So I decided to sit on the floor, near the exit, but still able to see the entire screen.” he shares.

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“Luckily, I managed to finish the film without screaming,” Obice said.

Obice is no stranger to enjoying alone time.
He also shares to us that he once stayed in a dorm that had six beds but only stayed in there alone. “It’s really creepy. I wasn’t able to sleep on my first night.

“I think what relates these two situations is that the spontaneity of me having solitary adventures, or sometimes, misadventure,” Obice says, relating it to his “A Quiet Place” experience. “Yes, I chose to take the solo flight in both of these instances, but I did not ask it to be that exclusive. Just like in the movie house, I chose to watch it alone, but I did not expect that my solitude would be that exclusive!

Obice shares that “going solo” is also a personal choice. He can always call friends to accompany him and keep him company, but he felt these solo experiences were enriching on his end.

“I think it’s about time to be accustomed to the fact that as I grow older, I have to think that for the most part – I’m the main driver of my own journey. But, it’s such that, everytime I take the solo flight, there would always be times like these when my being solo would be highlighted on an extra level, like being the only person in the cinema or the only tenant in a room for six.”

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