Fromagerie: Watch Cheese Melt Right onto Your Plate with Every Order

Cheese. I love cheese. I could eat cheese all day everyday. So, when I spotted a place called Fromagerie (which literally means ‘cheese factory’ in French) at Container Turf, I knew that it would instantly become one of my favorite go-to places there – and I wasn’t wrong. If you love cheese as much as I do, then this place is a definite must-visit in the South.

Container Turf Food Park Manila

Fromagerie started a few months ago when videos of Raclette (the main cheese that they serve) went viral on social media. At one point, Gito Villegas, the owner of Fromagerie, was in the car on the way home with his girlfriend when she stumbled upon one of these videos. “We both knew of Raclette cheese at the time since my family would enjoy Raclette as a celebratory dish growing up,” he shares. “We all loved it and always looked forward to having it on special occasions!”

So, when his girlfriend pointed out the video and said Gito should start the same concept of scraping Raclette onto its traditional sides of potatoes and pickles here in the Philippines, everything else just came naturally.

Of course, they don’t just use Raclette, though. From the name of the place itself, it makes sense that they use many different types of cheeses. “My concept is built around Raclette, but we use other cheeses for other dishes, such as mozzarella, cheddar, and other various Swiss and Italian cheeses for our fondue pot,” Gito shares.

You can be sure that all of the cheese dishes at Fromagerie only use high end premium cheeses, though. Some of them are commonly found (mozzarella, cheddar, etc), but others are not really found anywhere else except in Swiss restaurants and premium delicatessens.

Either way, seeing the Raclette melt right off the cheese wheel and straight onto your plates is well worth the visit and somehow makes the whole experience of eating it afterwards that much better.

The top 5 dishes Gito recommends? Raclette with a side of sausage, beef, or chicken Grilled 3-cheese sandwich with a side of tomato soup Open faced sausage pizza sandwich Cheesy potato wedges Cheese fondue with meat platter




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