From Tassel Earrings To Trendy Dresses, This Local Brand Is Your New Go-To Shop!

Gone are the days when shopping means strolling through malls and countless stores in order to find the perfect outfit. Now, you can get an instant fix in the comforts of your own home with just a few clicks away, and that’s one of the reasons why I love Who What Wear Apparel

I’ve been one of their loyal shoppers since 2011 and yes, you may take my word for it — this local brand is all about making style accessible and affordable to everyone. From tassel earrings and trendy dresses, they make sure that you’re never too late for the coolest and freshest items out there by revamping their collections regularly.

From a humble Instagram shop a few years ago, Who What Wear has grown into this go-to brand for all stylish girls and fashion-forward women out there. The brand aims to provide premium imported clothingcheaper than other high-end brands, but still with the same quality which could help women boost their confidence by wearing any of their pieces and walking out each morning feeling beautiful, without needing someone to tell them.

Just recently, I checked out their new website, whowhatwearapparel.com, to see what’s in store and here are some of my picks.

3. Pastel Jumpsuit

It’s not really surprising that Who What Wear has also jumped in the jumpsuit trend. I mean, what’s not to love? Jumpsuits are classy enough to pass as an office wear from 9 to 5 yet still stylish for a dinner date or say, a night out with your girlfriends.


2. Tropical Dress

For a country where it’s almost always summer, no doubt that tropical prints will never go out of style. Paired with a seamless cut and high quality textile, it’s a hit no matter the season. No questions asked, it’s the kind of dress you’ll wear when you want to make a fashion statement.


1. Tassel Earrings

And of course, the most coveted fashion accessory of the year – tassel earrings. If there’s one more thing I love about Who What Wear, it’s the fact that although they are always on cue when it comes to what’s in, they never use it against their customers by tripling the price.

True to their promise of making style affordable and accessible to anyone, their lovely tassel earrings are available for as low as 99 pesos; which is why I took the liberty of hoarding all these adorable pairs!





These are just some of the must-have products that you may shop from Who What Wear Apparel. By simply picking and clicking, your new favorite outfit will be on its way to your doorstep! Shop now at Who What Wear Apparel.

Who What Wear Apparel