From Fat to Fab: 10 Motivational Weight Loss Videos You Need to Watch

Nowadays, being fit and healthy is more than just a vanity issue but a way of life.


With so many threats to our health, especially, when we are overweight, it is a must to leave the sedentary lifestyle and start being healthy.

Bitter go diabetes

That’s why food supplements are essential as well to help fight obesity or  diabetes.

But, being fit and active is hard to do. It takes a lot of patience and discipline to get started.

So to get yourself pumped and ready to shed those extra pounds, here are 10 motivational weight loss videos to encourage you to be fit and fab!

1. Jared’s Powerful Story

Starting at over 500 lbs., Jared managed to get so by doing the most challenging DDP YOGA workouts. In the video, you will see that there is an incredibly powerful moment when Jared realizes just how far he has gone. After 40 years of being overweight, Jared had managed to lose 300 pounds in just a little over one year, by eating real food and doing DDP YOGA.

2. Transformation: A Bullied Boy’s Weight Loss Journey

For years, he was bullied about his weight. He also made an attempt to take his own life. But, I think he still has a purpose in life, and that’s to motivate everyone.

Nathan Priestley decided to take control and find a better way.

With the help of a ketogenic diet, exercise and family support, he lost 160 pounds and continues to inspire everyone.

3. Crushing Weight: Jacob’s Story | A Cincinnati Children’s Documentary

Jacob Miller’s weight was killing him. By the time he was a teenager, he was gaining 100 pounds a year. At his heaviest, he was 6-foot-5 and 707 pounds. And he was just 15.

4. Conquering Health Problems

This I actually bookmarked. His inspiring success story really motivated me to do something with my health. His life-altering journey as a disabled veteran who used crutches to get around said, his key to his weight loss was determination. Watch his inspiring video below.


5. How Losing Weight Changed My Life | Full Interview | Possible Pat

Pat started his journey about two years ago. He weighed 605 lbs to his current transition weight of 280lbs. Just like the old saying goes: “Your health is your wealth,” . Pat.

6. Ashley’s Extreme Weight-Loss Makeover

Trainer Chris Powell discusses challenges of this dramatic transformation. Look at Ashley’s fresh start.

7. Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Success Stories

Chris Powell reveals two people who managed to lose massive weight.

8. World’s fattest man slims down: the obesity, weight loss, and body issues compilation

TomoNews presents to you the craziest cases of obese people and the process of losing weight. Some of the weight loss methods are extremely terrifying.

9. Motivation: “It’s Possible: Best Motivational Video Ever

This is a fan-made video that shows that “it can be done”. Quitting is not an option.

10. Lindsey’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Amazing weight loss journey – A LOSS of almost 300 pounds! Watch as Lindsey emerges from her cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly.

She turned her cant’s into cans!

Sometimes, all it takes someone to start to motivate others. So if you are looking for some inspiration to finally start your journey, these videos are a must-watch!

Have you got inspiring videos to share? Drop us a line or leave a comment below!