Frizzle Anne Embraces a New Era by Reflecting on Self Love on the Song and MV Release of “Natatangi”

No matter who you are, what you’ve been through, or what others have done to you, at the end of the day, the one person that you’ll always have with you is yourself and all the beauty and flaws that come along with it.

frizzle anne

For her latest release, singer-songwriter Frizzle Anne reflects on loving the person in front of the mirror with the release of her latest single “Natatangi” together with its music video.

This release represents a new era for Frizzle Anne, one that embraces who she truly is with renewed confidence and vigor, with all power, beauty, and flaws. “Natatangi” is the ultimate product of her current, major influence; the music of the 90s. It’s the wonderful lovechild of that era’s two most prominent music genres – the ballad and RnB, which results in a catchy, lovely song that one can easily jive along.

The whole production of this double drop release was created by a powerhouse team, from the original composition by Frizzle Anne herself, produced by famed singer-songwriter and hit producer Thyro Alfaro, to the music video directed by Kean Cipriano and choreographed by Dora Dorado, which showcases Frizzle Anne’s new found beauty and self-confidence that beams with nothing but sheer positivity all throughout.

“Natatangi” by Frizzle Anne is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, and other leading digital platforms as well as its music video on OC Records Youtube Channel.

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