Friendsourcing: Places where you can cry without ‘judgment’

Whether you’re heartbroken or just want to cry as an outlet for all the stresses you’re under, I asked my friends and the #WIMSquad about places where you can cry without any forms of ‘judgment’ and they delivered.

Yeah, you can always just turn off the lights inside your bedroom and sob your way to sleep, but there may be other places where you can do this that will give you a change of perspective, perhaps, in the hopes of making you feel better.

Oh, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… Not that I’m insinuating that those who are single will be crying because it might even be more awesome to be single this day of the year. Am not sure, not really… wink wink. These places are just suggestions just in case you need to be alone while shedding a tear or two.

Friendsourcing: I’m working on a listicle about places na pwedeng umiyak aside sa own room, cr, and kotse.

For example, sa gym, while pumping iron kasi no one will notice, thinking it’s all just sweat. Kahit me papikit-pikit ka pa, keri lang. Not based on experience, btw. Di ako defensive. Di ako marunong umiyak no. Don’t me.

Mas okay if wala masyadong tao or walang judgy haha, free, and open 24/7 like parks, rooftops etc. Thanks fam!

Here are their suggestions:

Cry and landi ang peg

You need to wait for it to rain though

Stop and go

Taray! Change hairstyle na din, mamsh!

Surf the waves na rin!

Ganda mo pa after

Adopt don’t shop, may furbabby ka pa after

Spicy noodle challenge? 🙂

Huwag lang pag gabi baka scary, lol

Sabay sa soul searching travel mo


Soshal o, book na ng ticket!

Any other suggestions? Share them with us on the comments section!

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