FREE THE SEA MOVEMENT 4: Reef’s Longest Ride on Plastic-Free Beach Event

With REEF’s advocating campaign of giving back to nature while being able to beach freely, Free The Sea Movement has been a long successful ride and now on its 4th year, which happened on Oct 11-13, Sabang, Baler.


On the first day of this plastic-free event, Reefers were enlightened through a series of eye-opening environmental talks about plastic usage done by Kent Rebultan, Kim Rodriguez, Lexie Marmol of  WWF – Philippines, Jovanne Faraon of Ocean Care Movement; while Tiara Mejos talked about Grey Water System, and Gladys Villareal of Kokoa shared her knowledge on how living a Zero Waste Lifestyle. 

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There were also creative workshops conducted by Baler local artists–Valerie Dizon for the watercoloring workshop who also did a special mural painting for this event, and Ibu for the basic of art calligraphy. Meanwhile, certified surfing instructors of Nalu Surf Camp did a 101 to Reefers who wanted to try riding the waves.

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Also, 0ne of the main objectives and highlights of the event was the beach cleanup spearheaded by World Wildlife Fund For Nature (WWF-Philippines) with their campaign #AyokoNgPlastik, where Reefers split into groups, and wandered around the shore of Sabang to pick up trash. After merely an hour of cleaning, Reefers had already collected an alarming total of 50kg worth of plastic waste. Having this huge amount of waste plastic consumption, REEF Philippines’ initiative was to stop using tarpaulins and plastic materials on its marketing collaterals, and has been conducting plastic-free events since 2018. Their high-quality products are more commendable for its biodegradable features and PVC-free materials. This was to fully promote their advocacies by imparting a sense of responsibility to people.


The tides of excitement went up high during the Longboard Slide Competition  organized by Manila Surfer’s Association, held at Secret Spot and here are the surfers who wiped out the scoring board:



Champion: Bea Vega

2nd Place:  Katrine Lee

3rd Place: Nix Mandilag

4th Place: Mikee Ramos



Champion: Gaude Quimio

2nd Place: Alvin Pura

3rd Place: Mario Cadarma

4th Place: JB Sison

5th Place:  Ryan Galang



Champion: Daniel Tapucol

2nd Place: Joren Querijero

3rd Place: Kaeser Aguila

4th Place: Ibu Querijero


The long and exciting first day wrapped up with the pride of Baler, Public Place, Naomi Aoki, The Pennylanes, and Limecandy, giving that music-by-the-beach feels, and a Night Street Party by Dominic Barlaw, Monostereo–with the Djs CC, Bass Relief, and Escapone.

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To add to the festivities, Reefers enjoyed the 2nd day with more surfing clinics and a surfing competition where well-known surfers showed off riding the waves on the Expression Session while wearing crazy and creative costumes which gave them extra points on the final tally. Some of the most remarkable costumes were Mara Lopez’ eco-bag attire leaving a powerful statement, and Paolo Soler’s werewolf-inspired outfit. But the best costumes that emerged among all were from Alvin Pura and Bea Vega.


This particular surfing event is to encourage surfers to showcase their own unique surfing style. The Reef Ambassadors–Lemon Dines, Daisy Valdez, Marven Abat, and ASRAI’s Arnold Anding were the ones who judged for this fun and friendly competition.


Another wave of awards were bagged by these surfers:


Best Long Ride – Michael Eijansantos
Wave of the Day – Ibu Querijero

Crowd Favorite – Martin Bitong

Beach Freely Surfer – Warren Valenzuela
Wipe Out – Piolo Piong and Alex Giorgetti

Most Stylish – Leslie Aguila

The event capped off with a night filled with good music, beer, and a whole lot of exciting announcements and prizes during the plastic-free music festival. It was headlined by some of the uprising bands in the indie scene like Acid Faerie Band, Rusty Machines, Ciudad, The Geeks, She’s Only Sixteen, Public Places, We are Imaginary. Sweet Life Crew, G2 & The Bundocks, and Ang Bandang Shirley.


Over hundreds of attendees–guests and Reefers combined–made this to be the biggest FTSM event yet so far. This won’t be possible without the support of sponsor partners–MyLife On Board, JLE Music, Mono/Stereo, Nalu Surf Camp, Philippine Surfing Academy, Skwala, Dogtown Collective, The Rotunda Café & Artspace, Lil Warung Baler, WWF-Philippines, Ocean Care Movement – Baler.

Also, sending big waves of appreciation to the partners-BP Productions, E-Entertainment, When In Manila, Kokoa, Dogtown Collective, Life on Board, Scoutmagph, Monostereo, Rotunda Cafe and Artspace, Little Warung, Balai Surf Baler, Kubli Bistro, Aliya Surf Hotel, Baler Aurora, Crashpod, Manila Surfers Association, Bay’s Inn Asrai, Quicklean Philippines and M Λ K Λ studio –who made FTSM4 the biggest and most successful beach event!


Special thanks to Gwapitos for the so-comfy and cool event shirts, Maka for the limited edition fun and free shirts, and Design Source Media for the summer vibe website where you can check out here: https://freetheseamovement.com


Reefers have heeded the call of the sea, and together, we set it free.  Our movement is yet to move bigger and stronger. We can brave the strongest tides and currents to save the environment! ‘Til our next FTSM adventure! Sea you all again, and stay sandy! #REEFFTSM4Baler #BeachFreely