Freddie Highmore Reveals He’s Already Married

You might remember Freddie Highmore as the frail boy from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or perhaps from teenage romance films like “The Art of Getting By.” Or, you might know him from his most notable role yet in the medical drama series “The Good Doctor.”

Well, guess what? That very same Freddie Highmore has just revealed that he is already married!

freddie highmore

During a guesting at the American talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the British actor confirmed that he is already a married man when host Jimmy pointed out the ring on his finger.

“Yes, I got married. It’s funny because ever since I’ve been wearing this ring, people have been asking me if I’m married so I figured I should clarify it,” he said.

“I’m not going to jump up and down on the couch on a talk show and express my excitement that way. I know that you do that in America, but I’m as happy as a Brit can be,” he added in jest.

He shared that he married a “wonderful” British woman, but did not divulge any other information regarding her or his wedding. He did say, however, that he is still getting used to calling her his wife which suggests that he only recently tied the knot.

“I just still can’t get over the terminology and the [vocabulary]. ‘A married man’ just sounds very old and ‘my wife’ sounds very possessive, so we don’t really use that,” he said. “[We] just wave the ring.”

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