Freddie Aguilar marries 16 year old girlfriend

When in Manila, you’ve probably heard of folk singer Freddie Aguilar‘s love affair with a 16 year old girl…but did you know he has already married her?

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Freddie Aguilar marries 16 year old girlfriend

The 60-year old singer, who earlier told the media he will do “whatever it takes” to marry his girlfriend, converted to Muslim to wed the 16 year old under Islamic rites in Maguindanao this Friday afternoon, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Maguindanao Governor Esmael Mangudadatu, although a decade and a half younger than the groom, acted as the couple’s principal sponsor. Freddie Aguilar, who would be called by his new Muslim name “Abdul Farid,” and his wife wore traditional Muslim attires for the ceremony, the Philippine Star said.

Aguilar, who composed and sang the worldwide hit “Anak,” earlier said he was unaware of the girl’s age when he was courting her through text. Yes, folks, even 60 year olds like Freddie Aguilar know how to court girls through text. When he found out her age, Aguilar said, it was too late…

they were in love.

In choosing to marry his girlfriend, Freddie Aguilar seems to be choosing to end controversies.

Under Philippine law, minors – even though Aguilar’s new wife will celebrate her birthday and turn 17 on Nov. 29, she is still a minor under law – are prohibited from marrying.

However, because of Presidential Decree 1083 or the Muslim Family Code, Muslims are allowed to marry younger girls as long as their bride has had her period.

What do you think of Freddie Aguilar‘s decision to convert to Muslim to marry his girlfriend? Share your thoughts When in Manila.

Freddie Aguilar marries 16 year old girlfriend

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