Four Cranes: Unique Silhouettes for the Stylish Filipina

I’ve always been a fan of online shopping, I cannot really remember the last time I went to a physical store, tried clothes on, and bought something. Buying online is so convenient, and have found that there are just so much more unique finds.

Having a tiny frame and a unique body proportion, I’ve always had a hard time finding clothes. Though I am quite worried about the fit of the clothes I buy online, the style of the items sold online always appeal to me. Online shopping is usually cheaper, too, so that’s a plus as well.

Forrty Cranes: Unique Silhouettes For The Stylish Filipina

Four Cranes has carefully curated pieces that are timeless.

They have partnered with local tailors and leather-crafters to make their clothes and footwear. They have always believed in “reimagining classic pieces for a timeless and functional style.”

Fourty Cranes: Unique Silhouettes For The Stylish Filipina

My favorite find from Four Cranes is this Ivy Jumpsuit in Ash Bars. It is perfect to pair with heels, wedges, flats, or even sneakers. It can go from day to night and you can actually accessorize to change up the look. You can put a belt to have a more defined waist or keep it casual and comfy as is.

Fourty Cranes: Unique Silhouettes For The Stylish Filipina

The owners, Janine and Jam, have been nothing but helpful to me as I tried to find clothes that will fit me perfectly. I was quite worried about the sizing for this Ali tube top because I am quite busty and top sizes are always a struggle. Good thing is this top has adjustable garters at the back that will hug your chest. The ribbons on the side or as seen on my arms, on the look above, are actually cute little surprises because you can use them to change the look–by wrapping it on your chest, neck, or as venus straps. How cool is that? One top, many looks!

Fourty Cranes: Unique Silhouettes For The Stylish Filipina

Last but definitely not the least from my favorites is the Val slipdress in Monochrome. It is comfortable and  can transform as a day dress or for a night out. The armholes are big with a strap giving it a sexier feel along with the side slits.

Four Cranes offer unique clothes with silhouettes that can complement different body types. The styles are also very chic that you may want to take a photo for your next #ootd post.

Four Cranes