Former Miss USA Olivia Jordan Shares that She was Raped and Molested

Amidst the discussion about the abortion bill that was recently passed in Georgia, Former Miss USA Olivia Jordan shared that she was raped and molested.

Pia Wurtzbach’s Miss Universe BFF Olivia took to Instagram to share her experiences as a child and teenager – experiences that gave her a different view on a woman’s body. She shared that her mind and body were traumatized for years and says “maybe it sounds unjust to compare criminalizing abortion to being raped; but to me, it feels the same.”

Raised in a Catholic school, Olivia’s sex education was apparently just abstinence and there was only one view: that abortion is bad.

Though she was raised that way, she reiterated that she is pro-choice. She says in her caption, “I am pro-abortion, pro condoms, and pro-access to birth control.” She adds that each woman should be able to make a choice for her own body and she is against policies that strip people of their rights and their free choice.

She shares that she feels like she is going through the same agony again where men make laws that govern women’s bodies without their consent.

What is your stand on abortion and the abortion bill?

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