Forget bath bombs–these shower pods are what will help you forget your ex on pamper day!

Ever just wanted a “me” day? Where you grab those scented candles, get into a robe, put on a face mask, or take the most luxurious shower ever? I love those. The focus is just on me and nothing else can get in the way. But bath bombs (and bathtubs in general) can get pretty pricey, making “me” day a little costly. You don’t want to add any unnecessary stress to what’s supposed to be a mental health and physical health rest day. (Also, you want to forget your ex.)

Good thing we found Bubbly by Audrey, a brand that believes in internal and external beauty with bath products at an affordable price. Not only do they promote health, but they also promote rest and recuperation, especially when things are hectic. Their products are handmade with the finest ingredients and essential oils and they smell and feel super amazing.

Bubbly by Audrey’s soaps are incredible and smell so good (and they have properties that are wonderful for your skin) but the stars of the show are the brand’s shower pods, something super unique that caters better to Filipinos as not all of us have the luxury of a bathtub.

Pictured above, the little yellow, green, and blue clouds that smell absolutely amazing

Bubbly by Audrey’s shower pods are an innovation I’ve been waiting for all my life. You place them in the shower where it’ll get hit by water (but not too directly) and they release this wonderful scent depending on which color you get. They fill the room with a relaxing aroma that’s bound to make your shower feel heavenly. I was so relaxed that I just stood there inhaling for minutes at a time. It was a great way to de-stress.

These are also healing, as they can decongest or boost one’s energy. Many of Bubbly by Audrey’s products have some sort of property that contributes to your well-being or just a rejuvenating way to unwind after long days. And the best part? A bundle of two will only cost you PHP 45, a set of 6 is PHP 100, 8 is PHP 130, and 12 is PHP 180. What a steal!

Their soaps, which are equally as relaxing and good for the body and mind

  My favorite shower bomb was the citrus. It was bright, smelled wonderfully like a mix of lemon and orange, and woke me right up. With a clay mask on and my favorite music playing, I took the longest shower of my life. The only time I felt sad was when the whole thing dissolved! (So I put another one in just for good measure–I just wanted to spoil myself, okay?)

The eucalyptus was also a great experience, nice and fresh, like the cool rush when drinking water after brushing your teeth except in smell form. It was very strong and almost made me feel nice and cold, perfect for the sweltering weather. I could feel each shower pod packed with benefits and it only made me want to spend more time on me, me, me. No work, no emails, no exes. Just me and my shower pods.

One I’d love to try is the peppermint, especially because I get so congested in rainy weather. I’d love that shock to the sinuses while the mint envelops me.

As for the soaps, I’m a sucker for lavender so Sweet Dreams were really made of this (soap). Not only was the scent incredible, it made me feel less stressed and even left my skin so smooth and silky after. I don’t see why anyone would skip over this, as it’s only PHP 180 per bar and a set of 3 is PHP 500!

Ultimately, I had an amazing time focusing on me with these shower pods and soaps. They were rejuvenating, they were invigorating, and they were healing. I like to take mental health checks with myself because I get anxious and stressed very easily, but these were definitely key to my de-stressing process.

So if you want to get your bubbly on, definitely give these a shot! You won’t regret it!

Bubbly by Audrey

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