FoodRockers: The Newest Foodie Spot For Art and Music Lovers

Music + art + food? I’m sold!

This the winning combination of the newest foodie spot in Sta. Mesa, Manila. FoodRockers is the first restaurant in the Metro whose central theme is art, music, and food. You may think that such a combination would focus on one or the other, but FoodRockers marvelously highlights all three.

FOODROCKERSFoodRockers: the newest artsy resto in Manila

Once you enter the place, your eyes will most probably be drawn to the gigantic mural covering an entire wall. It features beautiful paintings of famous music icons and animals that are actually on the menu. (Yep, you read that right!) There are artistically drawn faces of the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, and a whole lot more. It makes any musician and music lover feel right at home.

FOODROCKERSCatch performances from singing cooks!

They also feature performances from a live band every Thursdays to Saturdays. Weekdays are for the singers and aspiring ones. At lunchtime, their KTV is free for customers to use. You may even catch one of their cooks perform a song or two.

Artists will also rejoice at the paintings displayed at the mini-gallery right by the door. These paintings are for sale, and for a good cause! The sold paintings will be for the benefit of street children.

Plus who wouldn’t want to have their picture taken with that mural?

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But the art and music aren’t the only best things about FoodRockers. The food is exceptional.

FOODROCKERSFood fit for royalty.

Chef Jon Cheng, one of the owners of FoodRockers, is a notable chef who formerly cooked for The Palace in Qatar. He created a menu featuring a fusion of East Asian and Western cuisine just for FoodRockers.

FOODROCKERSChorizo Fried Rice only at PHP99

Their bestsellers are Chef Jon’s signature rice dishes which are his original concepts. Some of these must-try rice dishes are the Drunken Spicy Beef Rice, Korean Beef Bulgogi, and the Chorizo Fried Riceeach one is for only PHP99!

FOODROCKERSGrilled Tuna Belly at PHP 320

Other bestsellers are the FoodRockers Fried Chicken (PHP400), Pancit Canton with Crispy Bagnet (PHP230), Lamb Shoulder Steak with Mixed Veggies (PHP 339), Grilled Tuna Belly (PHP320), and the Baked Salmon (PHP269). These can all be for sharing.

They also serve exotic food such as frog, rabbit, and turtle. You’d have to ask for these from their staff, though.

FOODROCKERSExceptional food at FoodRockers

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the food was. If there’s anything that will make you visit FoodRockers again and again, it’s definitely the food. Since everything is original, I guarantee that you won’t taste anything like their dishes anywhere else. It’s a real unique experience to visit FoodRockers.

FOODROCKERSThe people behind FoodRockers Manila

Chef Jon and Willy Lim, owners of FoodRockers, have created something that will surely be a huge hit for both Instagram-loving millennials and foodies of all ages.

FOODROCKERSThere’s a little something for everyone!

If you’re looking for a good place to have a tasty and bountiful lunch, hangout with your barkada, or just to channel that inner artist or musician in you, FoodRockers is the best place for all this!


3555 P. Sanchez St., Sta. Mesa, Manila
Open daily at 11AM-2AM

Interview by Anj Merced & PJ Carolino