Foodgasm 2014 – Food-Tasting Competition by UP EcoSoc

The Hunt Continues

The night became brighter once the burgers were found. We were provided with bite-sized samples tender beef burgers laced with strips of bacon (this is how one uses bacon well). While these samplers look adorable, the real deal burgers pack a hefty inch-and-half thick, half-pound serving of Heart Attack Waiting to Happen. The ultimate YOLO burger, in our opinion. 

foodgasm 2014 jsncruz

There was some expectations for the nachos – no one should be able to get nachos wrong – but it wasn’t just disappointing from a taste-test perspective, it was also not very creative in either concept or execution (there were two variants: “original” and “spicy”. Go figure). 

foodgasm 2014 jsncruz

We also liked the pesto pasta, featuring a firm Pinoy breakfast staple, gourmet tuyo. It’s not as oily on the tongue as it would seem, and the strong flavors of the gourmet tuyo go really well with the mild bitterness of oil in the pesto. 

foodgasm 2014 jsncruz

Given that found a lot of promising food-startups in Foodgasm 2014, we fully expect that 2014 could be an interesting year for new and exciting dishes at food stalls all around the metro! Congratulations and well done to the UP EcoSoc for staging such a tasty event.

foodgasm 2014 jsncruz

Foodgasm 2014 by the UP Economics Society


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