Food Truck by Broosy

When in Manila and you want to have a different kind of food experience then you must try…

DSC09212Food Truck by Broosy

Located at Cucina Andare every Friday and Saturday night (4PM-3AM) and also at ABS CBN every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Food Truck by Broosy serves japanese infused dishes which every tummy will love whether you are a fan of japanese food or not!

According to the owner, Ms.Cecilia the truck was named after her son’s friend (who is also their Chef) Broosy. He loves to cook and prepare japanese dishes that’s why they came up with this concept.




They serve sushi and sashimi once or twice every week depending on their stocks (if they still have any left from the 1st night).

DSC09214Sushi and Sashimi Menu

We were treated to a variety of food that night! And I was amazed at how they incorporated japanese taste into filipino dishes.

DSC092183 of their best sellers!


Sisig Rice

I super love their sisig rice! It has a mix of pickled veggies and herbs with a special sauce . It doesn’t taste like the regular sisig since it has a hint of japanese in it! The pork bits are not hard and the veggies and herbs compliment it so well!

DSC09221Pork Bun

Another crowd favorite is their Pork Bun. Made from “pulled pork” which they cook/make for 6 hrs. to make it soft and yummy. It amazed me that the same pork they use here is also the one they use for their other dishes like the Sisig and their Tacos!


Soft Tacos

I’m a fan of Tacos, but I’m always having a hard time eating it since the shell falls off easily which makes it messy to eat. But not this one! Their self-made soft shells makes this best seller easy to eat and addicting! Almost the same as the Sisig Rice, except this one has a different sauce in it. Each bite will make you ask for more! Believe me when I say that 3 is not enough.