FOOD TRIP: New Restaurant, Westwood Opens in Maginhawa

Here’s a new spot for you to try in Maginhawa. According to owner Russell Canlapan, the concept is inspired by a neighborhood in Los Angeles very similar to Maginhawa called Westwood, hence, the name. Westwood offers a fresh menu of mouth-watering dishes and desserts that you should definitely try. They serve specialties of different cuisines such as Japanese, Korean, American, and Filipino dishes.

The place has a neat look emerging from the white walls and high ceiling. Painted on the side wall is an artistic glimpse of LA. Don’t you get intimidated by the fancy name and aesthetic, as the prices on their menu are actually very affordable. The vision of Westwood is to offer a different dining experience with your every visit. They want to be the place for people who share the passion and hunger for adventure. In line with their vision, they come up with various unique and playful dishes.



If you are an adventurous foodie, this baby is a must-try! The sushirrito is a combination of sushi and burrito.
Our favorite flavor is the Sakura Teri: Chicken Teriyaki. It is a roll of soft chicken slices with sweet teriyaki sauce, vegetables, Japanese rice, wrapped with your choice of nori or pita. Top it with some sweet soy or wasabi mayo, and you’re in for a real treat! Every bite is an explosion of unique flavors in your mouth!

Other flavors include: Seoul Beef Bulgogi, 3’s King Korean Bacon, Samurai Blade Tuna, Sumo Shake Salmon





Westwood will also surprise you with their delicious entrees. The Buttered Porkchop (P165) is our top pick. The rich marinated taste will surely capture you. The Chicken Teriyaki (P159), Korean Bacon (P169), and Beef Bulgogi (P180) are basically the rice meal version of the sushirrito variants, best if you don’t wanna go far with your food adventures but still want to treat your taste buds with awesome flavors. They also serve highly affordable steak meals! They have both Sirloin (P289) and T-Bone (P315) served tender and savory.


Korean Bacon


Beef Bulgogi


Sirloin Steak


T-Bone Steak

The Chicken Set Meals are best for those looking for a great treat within a budget. For only P149 you’ll get an ala carte meal with unlimited serving of a drink of your choice. Surely a bang for the buck! Our top pick is the snowy chicken, available in sweet garlic butter, onion, cheese, and barbeque.


Snowy Chicken and Chicken Poppers


You have to give it to Westwood for offering the most delectable selection of drinks. Their drinks are divided into Thirst Quenchers, Fizz, and Fruit and Yogurt Shakes. Not only do they have succulent flavors, they are also served in these quirky lab containers. Coolness!

Our top picks are: Virgin Mojito, Cucumber Citron, Virgin Pinacolada, and the Kiwi Cucumber



In Westwood, you will always have room for dessert. Their ultimate dessert specialty is their kawaii ice cream served in different ways! You can have scoops of delectable ice cream with their specialty cones, as a cookie sandwich, beignet sandwich, or cereal sandwich!



Westwood is surely an exciting new stop to visit in Maginhawa. Gather your friends and create fresh memories over good food. Replenish your hunger for adventure — the foodie way!


80 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village, Quezon City


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