Food Park Alert! Check Out The Station Maginhawa

Written by Remalyn Estuesta

The Station Maginhawa is a food park located at 178 Maginhawa Street, with a train station and a train in the center of the food park. This place is a foodie’s paradise. There are different food stalls and kiosks to choose fromtry various food you haven’t had before, from Asian to Western style dishes. There are also some ice cream and refreshment stalls where you can help yourself with some tasty, cold treats!

The Station- train

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Here’s a some of the dishes you can try out at The Station Maginhawa!

If you’re a cheese lover, you’ll love what Cheese-o-holic has to offer. Try their Raclette Platter, where potato wedges, sausage bacon bites and flavored chicken pops are topped with raclette cheese. You can also order their Cheese Fondue Platter, where you can dip potato wedges, flavored chicken pops, and sausage bacon bites in a bread bowl filled with fondue. Cheesy goodness to the max!

Cheese-o-holic Group

If you’re craving seafood, you can try out Captain Marley and the Seafood Island’s dishes. Taste their Large Butterfly Squid, Sizzling Seafood Gambas and their Fish and Chips.

Captain Marley & the Seafood Island- Group

And if you’re looking for some foods you can snack on with the barkada, you can try Crazy Wing’s Loaded Nachos, 1/2 dozen or a dozen of buffalo wings (where you can have soy garlic and garlic parmesan) and their Combo of Wings with quesadilla.

Crazy Wings Group

You can also try Yusuf’s Shawarma’s Shawarma Nachos, Shawarma Pita, or Shawarma rice to share with the barkada.

Yusuf's Shawarma Group

You can also order hotdogs in charcoal buns from Top Dawgs. Try their Jackass (topped with cheddar, mozarella and parmesan cheese with chilli sauce) and Snoop Dawg (roasted garlic and peppers, olives toppings).

Top Dawgs Group

…or The Sands Burger from The Sands, partnered with their raspberry drink.


There’s also RiBB’s Dynabites (a choice of beef, chicken or mushroom, stuffed in green chilis), Baby back Solo RiBB Meal (with a side dish of corn, mashed potato, or rice).

RIBB Group

And for those who love chicken, you can visit Wild Bird, where you can have their X Large Chicken, Chicken Taco, and Herbed Chicken with Turmeric rice.

Wild Bird Group (1)

Meanwhile, you can order from Churrascaria their Brazilian styled fajita (pork belly with their signature chimichurri sauce, peri peri sauce and cheddar cheese) and Churasco Beef Value Meal, served with their signature sauce and have a choice of corn and carrots or grilled corn as side dish.

The Sands Group

If you want to try Italian cuisine, Mainside is your go-to place. Try their Vera Amore (which means true love in Italian), which is a cream-based pasta with mushroom. You can also sample their signature pizza that’s topped with arugula and feta cheese. There’s also their Fitza, a vegetarian pizza (no meat and cheese).

Mainside Group

Of course, you can also treat your tastebuds to Asian flavors. You can order from Pang Ma and experience Taiwanese street food. Have a taste of their Taiwanese fried squid and golden corn, Chicken bites, Kuchai dumpling, partnered with Taiwan flavored tea (with a choice of yakult, jasmine and lemon flavors), or have a sip of Taiwanese beer.

Pang Ma Group

There’s also Gochilla, where you can try their fried sushi (crazy kani, spicy tuna, seared salmon), BBQ Stick Platter (yakitori, quail egg wrapped in bacon, chicken skin, japanese sausage wrapped in bacon). Try out their drink, Milo Gochilla (which has 2 versions, with ice cream and no ice cream).

Gochilla Group 1

And if you want to experience eating Tsinoy food, then Dee Bee Tin is the place to go. Try their best sellershalf-soy chicken and beef noodle soup.

Dee Bee Tin Group

If you want to stay true to your roots, you can go to CMH Ilocos Empanada to try their North Ilocos Empanada with Vigan longganisa filling. There’s also Ilocos Miki and their rice meal, Biyaheng Ilocos.

CMH Ilocos Empanada

There’ also Doña Levita, where you can try their Bibingka Cheesecake, Turon ala Mode, Sizzling Pork Sisig, Salted egg Shrimp, Shrimp and Cheese Fritters, Beef with Mushroom, and Ice Scramble.

Dona Levita- Group

Or, you can also eat at Inasal Mo, which has a fun twist in their menu. You can order Fernando Liempoe Jr., garlic rice with grilled pork belly slab and cucumber salad, and Andres Bonipecho, which is grilled chicken wing and breast that’s basted with a special marinade sauce. For their platters, you can have Piolutan Pascual or Paang Liempoceno.

Inasal Mo Group

There’s also some food stalls that serves Asian fusion cuisine, such as Bar.B.Q Hotpot. You can have their mix set, which is an assortment of corn, carrot, tomato, shrimp, pork, beef, udon and rice noodles, chicken balls, bacon, siomai, crab stick and fish fillet.

Bar-B-Q Hotpot

Another one is Sachi’s Fortune that serves Asian modern cuisine. You can try their slow roast pork belly that’s served with mashed potato, Salted Egg Chicken Wings, Adobo Chips, and Kimcheese rice.

Sachi's- 2


You can also satisfy your sweet tooth by trying out the shakes from Tickle Belly.

Tickle Belly- Group

Or beat the heat away with Chibi Chibi’s ice cream, like their Taiyaki ice cream and Fried oreos.

Chibi Chibi- Cone

Chibi Chibi- Wicked Oreos 2

You can also try out refreshing drinks with matcha filled goodness from One Matcha, like their Strawberry Matcha. You can also order Caramel Matcha and Matcha Latte.

One Matcha- Strawberry

These are only some of the food that you might try in the food park. There are more choices that you can eat at The Station!

The Station Maginhawa

178 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Operation Hours:
Sunday-Thursday 4pm -12am
Friday-Saturday 4pm-2am


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