Folded umbrellas will be allowed in carry-on and checked bags on flights

Folded umbrellas will now be allowed in carry-on and checked bags on flights, transportation officials said Sunday.

The Office for Transportation Security of the Department of Transportation made an announcement of Facebook that it will be easing the prohibition on bringing folded umbrellas inside airplanes.

OTS said that folded umbrellas can now be brought on both carry-on and checked baggage.

Here’s a copy of the full post:


PASAY CITY – Office for Transportation Security (OTS) Administrator Usec. Raul L. Del Rosario immediately ordered the review of OTS Memorandum Circulars No. 005 and 006 series of 2019, containing the revised list of prohibited items intended for passengers departing any Philippine airports. The initiative was made following public clamor to allow carriage of folded umbrellas in both cabin and checked baggage.

As number of passengers travelling locally and internationally increase, there has also been an increase in number of requests for information on transport security policies, particularly on prohibited items. The OTS follows the international standard set by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in identifying items to be prohibited on board which may aid in committing any acts of unlawful interference against the civil aviation. Apart from explosives and deadly weapons, some seemingly innocent everyday items are also banned in airplanes as they posed danger to the security of passengers and the aircraft.

This includes all types of umbrellas, which were recently included in the revised prohibited items list. Baring the need for increased security control measures, the OTS held a consultation meeting with airlines and airport operators, where the latter recommended to include umbrellas as a prohibited item for carry-on bag having sharp and pointed components.

During the lengthy discussion on 08 October 2019, the OTS come in concensus with the Airlines Operators Council and airport authorities, to hear the voices of the public and provide corrective action to allow folded umbrellas in both carry-on and checked baggage, while maintaining cane umbrellas as prohibited item for carry-on bag.

Meanwhile, cane umbrellas are still prohibited for carry-on bags.

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