Flying out soon? This hotel is just 436 steps from NAIA Terminal 3!

If you have an early morning flight and you live far from the airport, chances are, you want to find a nice hotel nearby that you can stay over so you don’t get stuck in traffic and miss your flight. Or if you have just arrived from a long haul flight and you want to rest for a while before battling Manila traffic going back home, the perfect solution is a hotel close to the airport.

Now, if you’re searching for this, we’ve found one and it’s so near that you can even walk from the hotel to NAIA Terminal 3.

Belmont Hotel is a stylish hotel that is just 436 steps from NAIA Terminal 3. Yes, I counted although it might take you fewer steps than I did since I’m tiny and I take baby steps. 🙂

Belmont Hotel Facade 1

You can walk from this hotel to and from NAIA T3 through the newly-built Runway Manila footbridge.

belmont runway manila 2 belmont runway manila 1

One day, we were able to try out this hotel and here’s what we experienced.

During our stay, some ASEAN delegates were at the hotel so it was quite busy. Also, it was the long weekend so there were more guests who were having a staycation. Still, I found the check-in experience quite efficient. We were lead to our room in just a few minutes.

Since I came from a meeting that day, I was a bit tired so I decided to rest for a bit. The room is a bit compact but it was comfortable nonetheless. I slept almost instantly when I lied down.

After a quick nap, I decided to check out NAIA Terminal 3. I was hungry and since there are many restaurants already in NAIA Terminal 3, I walked to it to grab a quick bite.

Belmont Hotel and NAIA T3 are just across each other, connected by Runway Manila. This enclosed walkway was secured with several guards on the entry points. It was a well-lit walkway and well-ventilated too. During that time, I can even say that it was way colder inside Runway Manila than the actual airport. The walk was pleasant and quick.

After the meal, I returned to the hotel. I lounged a bit inside the room and watched some TV. I also checked out the hotel’s gym.

The gym had cardio equipment and barbells for weightlifting. There’s even a small space in the corner where you can do some stretching or perhaps some yoga. There’s also a sauna room and steam bath for good measure.

Before returning to my roof, I also dropped by the pool area at the rooftop.

belmont hotel pool

Time just flew by and then it was already dinnertime. The hotel prepared a nice dinner so I went down to check it out. Here’s what I had.

belmont hotel 1 belmont hotel 2 belmont hotel 5 belmont hotel 3

The food was good. The crew was really accommodating. I even had the privilege to meet the chef and the outlet manager.

belmont hotel 4

After dinner, I retired to my room and went to sleep.

In the morning, I just had a taste of the breakfast buffet then I proceeded on checking out.

The overall experience was great. Belmont Hotel is something worth considering especially if you often fly in and out Manila. It can be your home away from home before or after a flight.

Belmont Hotel

Newport Boulevard, Newport City
Manila, Philippines

Call: (02) 318 8888