Fly on the Air on Windowless Airplane?

Fly on the Air on Windowless Airplane?

According to Mashable, a new breakthrough on airplane design will put an end to fighting for the view on the window seat.

A company in UK called the Centre for Process Innovation, is on the process of designing a new airplane concept that has no windows but provides a complete floor to ceiling views. Instead of having windows and a plain floor, the airplane will be enveloped by screens to show seamless panoramic views of the sky taken by cameras mounted outside the entire airplane. 

Windowless Airplane(Image from CPI via Mashable)

Aside from the live video of the view outside the aircraft, you can also opt to see a pre-recorded one if that is what you prefer.

According to the company who is designing the new aircraft concept, by taking out the windows of the airplane, the fuselage can be made thinner and lighter. This will lead to having more space in the aircraft while cutting down on fuel expenses.

It is expected that the windowless plane will be a reality in the coming 10 years. 

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Fly on the Air on Windowless Airplane?

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