Flour Plan DIY Food Kits is for the Bakers Who Can’t Bake (But Wish They Can)

This Halloween, we thought of doing something fun and new, and one of the things we’ve been itching to try out is baking. First thoughts? We’re very busy people and baking is not the simplest thing to do, especially when we can’t even imagine having the time to select the perfect cake, buy our own ingredients, measure them one by one, and prepare the tools.

Good thing we came across this start-up, which caters to the needs of busy people like us: Flour Plan DIY Food Kits! If you haven’t heard of them, they basically turn baking into a hassle-free experience. They sell kits which contain various pre-measured ingredients and cooking tools. You can choose from their variety of desserts, drinks, salads, and just recently, even sushi.

Better news? They’ve released their November DIY Kit, which we’re gonna unbox, just for you! They are currently giving their customers the chance to bake their Meringue Bone Palace Halloween Cake, in line with the holidays for the month. Pretty spooky (and probably delicious).

Here’s a photo of a sketch they posted in their accounts, to give their customers a peek at what’s inside their seasonal box.

Well, we wouldn’t want to keep you waiting, so let the un-boxing begin. This yellow package that was delivered straight to our doorstep contains the good stuff and we can’t wait to check out!

Upon opening the yellow plastic, we were surprised to see a metal cake molder, apart from just the Flour Plan kit. Talk about hassle-free.We didn’t even need to buy one.

Next, once we opened the box, we were  surprised to see the number of items inside! A metal wire whisk, piping bag with interchangeable nozzles, differently packaged ingredients and so much more!

We decided to take out all the tools that we could get from the kit, and once we were deeper into it, we found a  classy gold dessert box  and surprisingly, a dark blue green apron which we could not wait to use!

The apron is actually  made of good material, something similar to a rubberized cloth. We were happy to see that it had a pocket, because now we can just put our things inside it while we get messy in the kitchen.

We started checking out the ingredients one at a time, and to our surprise, even the uncommon ones can be found in the box like coco sugar and cream of tartar.

A big plus for their packaging! It’s cute, reusable, and environmentally friendly, too.

Just to keep us feeling the halloween vibes, Flour Plan even decided to included vampire teeth gummy candies inside the kit they gave us! Yum!

At the bottom of the box, we found a sheet of paper which contained the baking process. All the instructions were laid out for us; the only thing we had to do was follow. Flour Plan also provides free telephone assistance to all their customers in case anyone gets stuck in certain steps while baking. Easy and great service, right?

Looking at all the thing inside the kit, we think it’s safe to say that the price is worth it. Not just because it’s hassle free, but also because of all the tools and ingredients that people can find inside the box.

Now we’re all set to bake and eat the Meringue Bone Palace Halloween Cake! What are you waiting for, cake lovers? Grab this delicious and spooky Halloween kit now!

Flour Plan

Pre-order your own DIY Halloween Kit from Flour Plan here: https://bit.ly/2yfEmQJ

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FlourPlanPH
Instagram: @FlourPlanPH


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