Flour Plan PH: A Monthly Subscription for People Who Love to Bake

For some people, baking is a soothing hobby. Life is better because of them.

If you’re lucky, you might have a friend who goes to class or to the office with a whole box of freshly baked brownies–for free! I have fond memories of high school and college days when I’d be surprised with a cookie or a brownie by friends who turn to baking whenever they’re stressed.

( I’d jokingly tell them, “Sana palagi lagi ka na lang stressed!”)

If you have a friend who loves to bake, this new local startup might be perfect for them. Flour Plan is a monthly subscription service for bakers. Subscribers receive a box like this every month:


The box contains a variety of helpful things for bakers: ingredients, recipes, tools, packaging materials, and more. You don’t know exactly what you’d get for the month.

Just to give you an idea, these are the contents of my first box:


It contained the recipe and most of the necessary ingredients for Food Network’s Outrageous Brownies. The only ingredients that weren’t in the box were perishables. That way, you won’t receive a box with cracked eggs. You won’t be pressured to bake right away, too.


The ingredients are also packaged in such a cute way! I like how they’re all resealable. If you don’t use up all the ingredients in one batch, you won’t have to worry about repackaging them. They’re all labelled properly, too.



It even included unique baking ingredients like caster sugar!


This is what my second box looked like.


It contains a cookie cutter set, a chocolate molder, brownie boxies, muffin cups, some sweet treats, and a reusable box and plastic bags.


This second box focused more on giving the subscriber the necessary tools and containers that would come in handy once they bake. The first box was more focused on the ingredients.


It makes me wonder what the third box would have! The mystery adds to the excitement. You never know what you’re going to get in the next month’s box.


If you have friends who bake, gifting them with a subscription to Flour Plan PH could be a unique or thoughtful gift. If you bake, try out this subscription! This could help you become more adventurous with the items you bake. It could also be a monthly routine–your very own gift to yourself (and to whoever you share your baked goods with.) If you don’t want to subscribe monthly, you could also avail of a one-time baking kit.



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