Florastela MNL: Add Elegance to Your Home With These Dried Flower Arrangements

With most of us spending a year in our homes, a lot of us have figured out new ways to improve our living spaces. Some went into full-on renovation mode, while others became plant parents. If you’re also in the mood to change up your space without having to renovate or take care of living plants, here’s an option for you: elegant dried flower arrangements from Florastela MNL.

Florastela MNL is an online business venture started in the midst of the pandemic. Maris Guison-Tan, the founder of Florastela MNL, shares that her search for a creative output led her to start arranging dried flowers.

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What started as a hobby continued on to become an online business that has reached even celebrities!

These arrangements are the most low-maintenance thing you could add to your space. As Maris shares, “Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers do not require much maintenance.

They don’t need water, sunlight, and flower food. The only thing you need to do is keep them dust-free, so you can enjoy their aesthetic appearance to the fullest.”

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What we truly loved about Florastela MNL is how unique their arrangements truly are. The way they’re created gives off such a sophisticated and classy vibe. I especially loved how their arrangements don’t shy away from colors.

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Photo from Florastela MNL

I’ve noticed how the usual dried flower arrangements could stick to neutral colors. Florastela MNL creates gorgeous pieces with beautiful colors! They aren’t even just nice dried flowers put together—you can really see the thought and effort put into the design. They even create custom designs for their clients, such as autumn-inspired pieces and huge bouquets in different colors. If you’re on a budget, they also offer mini arrangements!

florastela mnl 2

Photo from Florastela MNL

These elegant arrangements from Florastela MNL will surely be the star and scene-stealer of any space in your home. If you’re looking for an instant way to elevate your living space or personal sanctuary, an arrangement from Florastela MNL will instantly do the trick.

“Life is short,” says Maris. “Today’s a good day to get yourself that little bouquet of happiness you can enjoy for years!

Florastela MNL


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