Flipelas: Not Your Ordinary Flip Flops

WHEN IN MANILA, one of the shoe staples of the peeps nowadays are flip flops. After all, who doesn’t enjoy walking down the streets of Manila wearing one? Who doesn’t love the comfortability and the versatility that comes in every pair? I know I do.  Because of the crowd’s love for flip flops, tons of flip flop brands have been popping out from left to right. While most of the people I know have their preferred brands already, lemme share to you When In Manila readers the flip flop brand for me.


Flipelas is an online store that turns your ordinary boring ol’ flip flops into something extraordinary and totally drool-worthy. Flipelas has tons of great designs but here are the four that snuck their way into my heart.  




Ain’t this pair so cute? I still gush every time I walk pass this pair in the living room. Yes, I love this pair so much I left it on the coffee table in the living room for everyone to see. I’m so in love with the summery colors of pink and green. And that huge pompom, I die.




This is one of Flipelas’ more simple and sophisticated designs. I love how despite this pair’s simplicity, it still ain’t boring at all! It looks so delicate and chic. I have nothing but love for this pair.




This pair of flip flops from Flipelas spells F-U-N like no other! I am in awe with the big bow on this pair and I super love the mini bows placed on top of the big bow. So cute! After all, a girl can never have too much bows.




For those ladies who wanna rock  the pom but are still a tad bit scared, no worries, Flipelas has a smaller version of the pom flops which is still cute and chic!


So When In Manila peeps, this summer, throw away your boring ol’ floppy slippers and trade them for a more fun, chic, and unique pairs from Flipelas WHEN IN MANILA.




Contact: 09173108286


Flipelas: Not Your Ordinary Flip Flops


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