Flexispot: Ergonomic Solutions that Promote Wellness While You Work

For those who have desk jobs from 8 to 5, work can get physically tiring. I would know. I’ve experienced working at a corporate setting where I had to sit around all day doing paperwork and answering emails. I know it’s not as laborious as blue-collar jobs, but it’s exhausting nonetheless.

Sitting for a prolonged time, after all, can cause discomfort and even pose back problems if good posture isn’t maintained. When that happens, it can disrupt your productivity and motivation to work. While you can stretch every now and then or go to the comfort room to take a little break, that’s just a band-aid solution. Flexispot recognizes this predicament, which is why they created products targeted to produce a long-term fix for a healthier work environment.

Ergonomic solutions. That is what Flexispot promises to its customers. They are a brand dedicated to transforming a conventional workplace into an active environment that promotes wellness and productivity. They believe that there are healthier ways to work, such as through the products that they offer.

For starters, their Ergonomic Seat Cushion with Orthopedic Design SC2 is a simple yet truly efficient item that anyone can appreciate. It is a seat cushion that provides comfort to its user. Not only is it extremely soft, but the hole in the middle gives extra breathability for maximum coziness.

It even has health benefits with its doctor-recommended design. Its o-shape structure can support the tailbone, which promotes proper spinal alignment. This is applicable to any type of seat: your work area, a car seat, wheelchairs, and so much more.

It comes with two machine-washable covers, giving you a backup cover in case you need to get the other one cleaned.

They also have the GoRiser Laptop Desk Riser 26” ML1, which can come in handy for heavy laptop users. It’s a portable spacious laptop desk that you can use at work or even in cafes. At 26”; you can place your laptop, cup of coffee, or notebook on its stable platform.

The beauty of it, though, lies in the fact that its height is adjustable. That way, you’re free to work on your laptop standing up whenever you get tired of sitting – a great solution for those who complain about sitting all day!

Not to worry, it has a lock on the side that allows you to immobilize the desk.

If you need more space, a good alternative for this is the AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter 28” M7. Right off the bat, it’s bigger in size by 2 inches, but its glory basks in its height-adjustable two-layer platform—one for your laptop and the other for your other items. Some people use the top desk for another screen, but you can always use it for other work essentials, as well.

While we’re on the topic, standing can sometimes cause soreness in the heel. Flexispot thought of this, as well, which is why they also have the Anti-Fatigue Feet Mat DM1. It’s a trusty immovable mat with a 0.98 inches thick cushion with massage points for your feet. If you’re skeptical about its effectiveness, try it out and see the difference for yourself.

This item is one of the most coveted products of Flexispot: the All-in-One Desk Bike – Deskcise Pro V9. You can literally work while working out—go figure!

This desk bike is easy to move and station at will. Once you’ve decide where you want to work, you can adjust the height of the desk and seat. After that, you can sit on its comfy quality cushioning as you pedal your work away! Goodbye, office boredom!

There are several more products that Flexispot offers. Just check out their catalog on their website below.

As you can see, there are many healthier ways to work. Make yourself more productive and promote health and wellness while you’re at it with Flexispot. It’ll make all the difference in your work area.


Website: https://www.flexispot.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlexispotPH

Instagram: @flexispotph

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