Fixifoot Review: I Had Custom Insoles Made For All-Day Support For My Flat Feet

Throughout my life, I’ve always regarded my flat-footedness as a permanent mild inconvenience. I never thought about finding ways to “cure” it or improve the condition. I’ve welcomed it as a part of my life—where I could only grit my teeth and bear the ache of walking long distances, standing around too long, or wearing shoes with zero arch support.

So when I discovered Fixifoot, I had no hesitation to try it out. Offering custom orthotic insoles designed to improve any foot-related condition, footwear fit, and back and joint pains among many others, Fixifoot was exactly what I needed for that all-day comfort and support.

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Fixifoot Custom Insoles: How it works

Fixifoot is more than just your store-bought insoles because their process is centered around assessing your foot condition and creating a personalized solution for it.

They offer a unique 3D Foot Scan Analysis Service that’s completely free and only takes a couple of minutes. This allows the specialist to assess your foot structure and how to address your condition. Once you get your result, you can immediately have your chosen insoles fitted for you on the spot and take it home right after. The entire process for me took only 10-20 minutes—the perfect amount of time for those, like me, who’ve got jam-packed schedules every day!

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There are six types of insoles to choose from: Flat Leather Insoles, Premium Flat Leather Insoles, Elegant Insoles, Premium Classic Insoles, Half-Sport Premium Insoles, and Full-Sport Premium Insoles. I chose to get the Premium Classic Insoles which are softer, thinner, and less slippery than leather, highly durable and shock-absorbing, and last up to 10 years.

All-Day Support At Work and Leisure

It’s been exactly a month since I got my Fixifoot Insoles and I can indeed say that wearing them every single day has been a game-changer. As recommended to me by the one who had assisted me at the Fixifoot branch, I wore these insoles even at home and not just when I’m wearing shoes to go outside. Admittedly, it was uncomfortable at first and required getting used to—but that feeling quickly went away, and soon I was walking around forgetting that the insoles were actually there.

Over time, it bothered me more when I wasn’t wearing my insoles. In my line of work which requires me to be on the go all the time, wearing these insoles has helped me stay comfortable, walk longer distances, and alleviate my foot pain. I’ve even worn them during a trip abroad and during a concert and both times I didn’t feel any footache at all!

This just proves that Fixifoot insoles are so comfortable and supportive that anyone with varying lifestyles can be in their best shape both in their workplace and beyond!

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The road to better foot health and overall well-being

Though I didn’t need any convincing in the first place, it’s great to know through first-hand experience that Fixifoot insoles really do leave a positive impact on my overall health and well-being. Now, I am aware that my flat-footedness won’t entirely go away but I’m happy knowing that at least these custom insoles will help with long-term pain relief, while also improving my posture, balance, and workout performance.

And Fixifoot’s service doesn’t end with you bringing home your new custom insoles. You can keep coming back according to their recommended schedule to have the insoles readjusted and remodeled for free so that they remain in tip-top shape while you can maximize their benefits. I just had my first readjustment 15 days after I first got my insoles and will need to come back again after 1 month.


I can definitely say that investing in Fixifoot insoles is worth it. If you want your own pair, visit any of Fixifoot’s branches nationwide.


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