Fitness Gourmet PH: “Dieting” Without Feeling Like You’re on a Diet

Fitness Gourmet PH: “Dieting” Without Feeling Like You’re on a Diet


When in Manila , one is always in a struggle between eating bland yet healthy food and eating the bad yet very delicious food. Good thing there is Fitness Gourmet PH to solve your struggle by delivering healthy yet delectable dishes right to your doorstep!  


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Where health and good taste meet: Fitness Gourmet PH


With restaurants booming one after the other, committing to a healthy meal plan is always a struggle. Aside from the fact that diet delivery services is a hit and miss experience (meaning it’s a trial and error process  to find the perfect one for you), it’s also hard to commit to cooking your own food. I guarantee that this gourmet diet delivery service is one hell of a tasty and healthy experience for you.

Here are my favorite meals:


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Blueberry Pancakes with Apple Maple Sauce


I’m a heavy breakfast eater, so when I saw these as my breakfast, I had doubts on whether they would fill my tummy or not. Surprisingly enough, these small pancakes were very fulfilling. They were fluffy and had the right amount of sweetness to them. I paired them with my favorite tea and it was a great way to jumpstart my day.


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 Rosemary Orange Chicken with Green Bean Casserole


Another good-tasting dish was this chicken and veggies combination. I’m a big fan of mushrooms and I love that they included them for lunch because it perfectly complemented the texture and taste of the chicken. The chicken was cooked perfectly, as well, and it was not bland at all. 


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Fruit Cake


I love love love diet delivery services that include snacks. It makes the package sulit. This fruit cake was a tad small but it was perfect for my sweet tooth and daily merienda craving. I paired it with my favorite tea, as well. 


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Tuna & Salmon Patty with Brown Rice, Christmas Eve Confetti Pasta, Fresh Fruits with Ganache,  and Apple Walnut Stuffed Chicken with Brown Rice


This particular lineup of meals was a carb and protein-filled day, just like any of my “normal” days. The star for me was the tuna and salmon patty because it’s the first time I’ve tasted anything like it! The combination of  the two was a wonderful play in my mouth. For the snack, I preferred the fruits without the ganache because it went all watery throughout the day (nice try, though). The rest of the dishes were tasty and filling, too. 


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Cranberry Glazed Chicken Sandwich, Sausage and Mushroom Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce, Christmas Cookies and Beef Bourguignon with Brown Rice

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I wish all Christmas cookies were this delicious and healthy.


My favorite day ever! I loved everything in this particular meal lineup. The Christmas cookies was the winner for me. The runner-up would be the lasagna, which was also my first ever white sauce-based lasagna. This was already the fourth day of the week thus by this time my tummy already adjusted to the serving size and these dishes quickly filled up my tummy. 


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Sausage and Mushroom Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce


I guess what makes Fitness Gourmet PH stand out from other diet delivery services is that they also introduce dishes that border between comfort,gourmet, and healthy. It’s best for those who doesn’t like complete turnarounds with their meal plans but for those who seek healthy and gourmet alternatives for their most loved unhealthy foods. 

Fitness Gourmet PH guarantees to give meals that are varied, low caloric and balance yet sumptuous. It doesn’t give the feeling that one is on diet because the meals are tasty and not restricting. Yet despite that, clients still lose weight!


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Fitness Gourmet PH: “Dieting” Without Feeling Like You’re on a Diet