Fitbox “Fitness Boxing” Technogym: Your Not So Ordinary Boxing Gym in Makati

When in Manila and in the mood to get fit and learn a new skill, then why not try boxing. To top it off, why not try boxing at Fitbox to get the most out of your boxing experience.

I first tried boxing around 3 years ago in a well known gym. I loved the experience and I had a lot of fun but I felt the gym was just too “manly” for me. It had the feel of a typical boxing gym that smelled like socks and men’s sweat. Ok for most but didn’t feel it was a place for a woman to go to by herself. And so without a buddy to go with me, I decided to stop going. It wasn’t till recently that I found a not so ordinary boxing gym in the heart of Makati which I immediately fell in love with from the moment I first entered. Let me tell you all about my Fitbox experience.


 Fitbox is located along Rufino and is easy to spot if you’re passing by (just look up ‘coz it’s on the 2nd floor). It’s right beside Starbucks too. Besides being strategically near offices, I’d say Fitbox is a perfect gym to go to because of its coaches and facilities.

Fitbox Technogym: Receiving Area


No this photo didn’t get mixed up with the photos from the boxing gym, this is actually a snapshot of the lobby. So while you wait for your turn to be entertained or if you’re waiting for a friend to finish his workout, you can sit and relax in this super comfortable couch. At Fitbox, it’s not just about the boxing, it’s about the overall package.


The “front desk” is already enticing enough to make me want to stay and workout. Oh and by the way, one of the owners, Mr. Gerry Azarcon actually owns a construction company so most of the materials used here are recycled! Those circular designs for examples were actually square in shape and supposedly to be used on another project. They simply repainted and cut and voila! A brand new look for Fitbox!


If you need some new equipment or just want a little Fitbox memorabilia, you can also browse through some of the items in their mini shop. Just FYI, most if not all of the materials and equipment at Fitbox Technogym were produced by the owners Fitbox themselves.

Fitbox Technogym: Comfort Rooms/ Shower Areas and Lockers

In every gym I’ve been to, the lockers and shower areas have always been in one place. Moreover, when they say shower area, it’s literally just a place for you to quickly take a shower and get out. At Fitbox Technogym, not only does the receiving area feel homey, but so do the comfort rooms. They have 4 comfort rooms around the gym each with its own style. The 4 comfort rooms allow you to shower or do your business in peace and relaxation.

Since there are just 4, they’ve also installed at automation system near the workout area with the numbers 1-4 on it, representing each bathroom. These numbers light up if someone is inside. That way, no matter where you are in the gym, you can simply check these lights and know if you can go shower or continue with your workout for a few more minutes.


The lockers on the other hand are placed near the workout area. That way, you can leave your gloves and water bottle with the rest of your belongings when not in use.  They have both open and closed lockers for your individual needs. The open lockers are fine with me.


Photo taken from the Fitbox Facebook page

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