Fish Spa in Manila with Doctor Fish: Soulstice Spa Revisited

Fish Spa in Manila with Doctor Fish: Soulstice Spa Revisited



WHEN IN MANILA, there’s no such thing as being over-pampered or being too relaxed.


If you guys remember my blog on Soulstice Spa, I missed out on one of the most unique spa service known to mankind—the fish spa.


After a tiring Friday afternoon, my mom and I headed over to Soulstice Spa for some pampering and for some bonding time as well.


On my last visit, I skipped Soulstice Spa’s Fish Spa. This time, the Fish Spa was first on my list.










With all the walking I do around campus, I gladly gave my feet to the cute little doctor fishes to chew all the dead skin away.










Soulstice Spa’s Fish Spa was super ticklish at first. My mom and I couldn’t stop giggling as the doctor fishes ate away.










Mother’s feet are being attacked by Soulstice Spa’s doctor fishes!!! I kid, I kid.


After 20 minutes of giggling while the fishes ate away, our feet were left super soft and surprisingly relaxed!


After a fun session with Soulstice Spa’s doctor fishes, my mom and I headed to the common room to try out Soulstice Spa’s Magnesium Love, Soulstice Spa’s Hot Stone Massage, and Soulstice Spa’s very own, Phytocell Facial.










Soulstice Spa is the only spa in the country that incorporates the use of 100% Magnesium oil in their services. If you do not know, Magnesium is super good for the body as it stores and utilizes energy.


Like most of Soulstice Spa’s services, their Hot Stone Massage was heavenly! This was only the second time I’ve fallen asleep during a massage. The technique used by Soulstice Spa’s masseuses is epic and it doesn’t hurt that they’re probably born with gifted hands too!


Last but definitely not the least was Soulstice Spa’s Phytocell Facial. With all the celebrities going gaga over stem cell, normal people like us can try the craze out too at Soulstice Spa!


So if you’re feeling super stressed out with all the school activities, work, etc. don’t forget to check out Soulstice Spa to drain all the stress out from your body WHEN IN MANILA.







Fish Spa in Manila with Doctor Fish: Soulstice Spa Revisited 


Contact: (02) 234.11.36 or (0923) 741.63.39


Visit: Greenhills Town Center, Granada Street, 1112, Quezon City


Hours: Monday-Sunday from 11:00 am-12:00 am








Fish Spa in Manila with Doctor Fish: Soulstice Spa Revisited