First Academy and QCinema Film Festival: Animation as a Form of Communication

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First Academy joins QCinema Film Festival in encouraging filmmakers and basically every Filipino to Create and Tell stories that inspire and promote Filipino Culture. Whether it be in film or animation, our nation have a lot of stories that need to be shared not only regionally but globally as well.

Join us as we talk about how digital arts and animation has revolutionized filmmaking as we know it. With the advent of digital technologies integrating visual effects and animation in movies have become relatively easier to use compared to before. With local movies like “That thing called tadhana” that has used animation in its storytelling, we hope to encourage Filmmakers to incorporate digital arts into their production, and learn more about animation.

Our speakers are Mr. Noriel Molenilla and Mr. Nico Dela Cruz.
Noriel Molenilla, a visual Fx and multimedia artist with over 10 years of experience in game design, graphic arts, animation and 3D Visual Effects, will talk about digital compositing techniques that can be useful when working with a variety of digital elements such as digital sets, camera tracking with 3D text, creating crowds/army, and cinematic color grading.

Nico Dela Cruz, a professional 3D Artist, Nico’s experiences includes years of production work and teaching as well. He is proficient in the 3D pipeline: modeling, texturing, rendering and animation; 2D animation; Freehand drawing and Multimedia. Mr. Dela Cruz will discuss 3D Animation. What the processes are, 3D beyond games, and advanced techniques in modeling and animation.

Students, movie enthusiasts and artists are all invited to join us on Oct 27, Tues from 5:00pm- 7:00pm at the Trinoma Mall, Cinema 2. Register to this event by adding us on Facebook( There are scholarships to be raffled too!