Firmoo Online Optical Store: Stylish and Affordable Eyewear

When In Manila, too busy to go to an optical shop and have your eye glasses made? Don’t fret because FIRMOO Online Optical Store has the answer to your needs! 🙂


Firmoo Glasses1

My Firmoo Corrective Glasses


Online shops are trending all over the world. From clothes and shoes, to gadgets and cars to houses and lots… EVERYTHING can be sold and be bought online. The easiest way of buying and selling because you can do it anywhere with internet and in just clicks and types away.


So what makes Firmoo Online Optical Store any different? Here’s why…


Firmoo Online Optical Store 


Firmoo Optical Online Store offers over 300 styles of frames! From classical to fashion eyewear, they have it! Carefully selected from thousands of frames in the market! It took me 2 days to choose the pair that I want. Partly because there are so many pairs that I want and partly because I enjoyed their website’s Virtual Try-On Feature! Yes, they have it! You can virtual check if your chosen pair would fit the shape of your face. You can even upload your own photo so that you can see how the eyeglasses look on you.


For those of the prescription eyeglasses.. Firmoo Online Optical Store sees to that they get the correct prescription info from the buyer. I was asked to fill up a form about the grade of the eyeglasses I ordered and when the sales team found out that there was a slight misinformation, I was emailed immediately and was asked to upload a scanned photo of the prescription. I very much appreciated that because I see the effort they give  to their customers, whether paying or free, that we receive the correct glasses at its best quality.


Unlike other optical stores, Firmoo Online Optical Store offers glasses at a very low price. For only $8.00 or Php 300++  you can already get a stylish pair of eyeglasses! 



 Firmoo Online Optical Store: My New Eye Buddy

Upon confirmation that the eyeglasses were already shipped, I was so excited! Of course that excitement came to its peak when I finally received the item! The eyeglasses came with an eyeglass case, pouch and screws. I immediately tried on my first pair of eyeglasses from Firmoo Online Optical Store!


The lens was made with an accurate grade and the frame is exactly the same as the pictures online. I was very much satisfied and happy with the eyeglasses I got. In fact, I’ve been wearing it everyday since then. The frame is also very light. It doesn’t feel painful hanging on my ears despite all-day use. 


Firmoo optical3

Firmoo Online Glasses on me while at work



Firmoo optical1

Wacky me with my Firmoo Online Eyeglasses 


Not only during work, I also wear my Firmoo eyeglasses during casual days! 🙂 Yes, I love my new glasses!


Firmoo optical6

Firmoo Glasses on a Sunday 



Firmoo optical2


So When In Manila, Check out Firmoo Online Optical Store for stylish and fun eyeglasses for an affordable price!


More good news? Firmoo Online Optical Store is introducing their newest promo! They are giving away FREE Glasses! YES, unbelievably, they are!

For more info, please visit https://www.firmoo.com/free-glasses.html 🙂 Hurry, grab your free pair now!



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Firmoo Online Optical Store: Stylish and Affordable Eyewear