Fire Hits Public Market in Boracay

On Wednesday afternoon, at around 3PM, fire broke in a public market in Boracay.

A netizen posted images on Facebook that showed the raging fire that burned down houses and establishment in the tourist-flocked island.

The photos were posted yesterday. The caption was:

Boracay fire still raging. OMG. God Please help them. Spare their lives.Philippines let us pray for all of them. Send the rain. Stop the wind. Do we have planes which extinguish wild fire like those in the US? Pictures sent to me just now by my Boracay staff. Location is Talipapa Bukid public market where many local residents live.

Here the photos posted. (Photo credit: Pj Arnador)

Boracay Fire (2) Boracay Fire (3) Boracay Fire (1)Boracay Fire (6) Boracay Fire (7) Boracay Fire (4) Boracay Fire (5)

According to the news from GMA Network:

Investigation showed the fire started at the kitchen of a house of Marcelino Sotto. It was declared under control at 4:50 p.m.

Has anyone else seen the fire?

How is the situation there right now?

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