FINTEX Virtual Tradeshow enters the Philippine Business Industry

The whole world, especially third world countries, are harshly stricken by the global pandemic. Business operations are disrupted. Stability of most industries are in shambles. Due to that, local corporate innovators took a leap.

For the first time in history, Virtual Tradeshows enter the Philippine business industry. Brought by Execution by OTH, Franchise Innovation and Technology Expo, called FINTEX for short, gives Filipinos a chance to expand their business and discover opportunities.

On September 21-25, from 9 am to 6 pm, Product Exhibitions simultaneously happening per booth, Business Webinars, Exclusive Shopping Deals including Business Opportunities, Raffle Prizes, Celebrity Exhibitor Booths, Battle of the Bands, and a lot more insightful yet fun activities are bound to happen virtually at Not a single day in the 5-day expo is boring. Outside those live hours, pre-recorded expositions are available for viewing 24 hours and 7 days a week until October 25, 2020.

Experience an expo profile of Technology Products and Services, Electronic Beauty and Wellness, Fashion Retail and Innovation, Gadgets and Tools, Home and Industrial Appliances, Mobility Solutions, Sanitary Materials, and Business Opportunities among others. 

Catch celebrity booths too like The Milk Tea Shop by Ruffa Gutierrez, Dip N Go, Money Sent, and BeauTea Bubble all by Vina Morales, Regine Tolentino Atelier of Regine Tolentino, The Milk Tea Shop by Ruffa Gutierrez, Sausage and Franks by Thia Thomalla, Taste of Dimsum by David Licauco, Shoe Crew of Tony Labrusca, Mark Wei, and Rollo Espinos, ValorMan and AUS Shop of Ezra Domingo, Namnam Korean Streetfood by Janica Nam, and more.

FINTEX lives out its mission of supporting expanding businesses and helping fellowmen discover opportunities by making every aspect purposeful. That is clearly seen in BITs: Business Innovation Talks, a FINTEX pocket activity. It is a 3-day FREE Webinar series about Starting, Strengthening, and Sustaining of Businesses in this new normal. On September 21-23, 2020 from 1 to 6 pm, rising and well-acclaimed industry leaders conduct free and open-to-all virtual seminars. Witness that happening live at the BITs portion of the FINTEX program at Expect to learn from Nathan Solomon Nakar and Randolph Yu of Guerilla 360, Ryan Tan of 150 Cal, Carlos Hinolan of Poodtrip, Karl Vaquez of Bounce Back PH, Alexander San Carlos of MT Solution Network, Alecx Javier of Kind Beauty, Arjay Bautista of Mobile Pasalubong, Patricia Louise Olpindo, Jose Maria Ygnacio David, and Ralph Daniel Aguilar of Dispatch Delivery, Arjay Bautista of Mobile Pasalubong, International Franchising Expert Miles Wong, and a lot more. Seminar attendees can opt to avail a Seminar Certificate in exchange of Php 100 donation to our partner charity institution. 

It does not end with that. FINTEX lives out its promise on a holistic sense by encouraging innovation and opportunities even in the field of music and the arts through a Battle of the Bands portion in the pocket activities. Bands of any size including soloists may join. Screening auditions will be done virtually via FINTEX Facebook page through submission of a performance video of an innovative rendition or original composition. Screened aspirants will perform live but virtually on September 24. Winners with cash and product prize will be announced on September 25.

Curious as to why the Execution by OTH team decided that going virtual, may it be via FINTEX or other platforms, is the way to go especially in helping business and people? In an interview with Jessamine Bamba, OTH Company Incorporated’s Digital Marketing Manager, she narrated; 

“Everyone has been talking about going digital for years since the boom of the internet, but not everyone wants to try it. The thing is, wherever you look, you will always see people on their phones, tablets, and laptops.

In this world that’s constantly changing and people continuously demanding -while being impatient and easily bored at that, companies need to be flexible. Nowadays, you’re basically out of business if you’re not on the web.  Incorporating digital strategies to your marketing is the way to go. It does not only allow you to reach more people, it also allows you to stay, as millennials would put it, relevant. 

Digital technology changed the way consumers search, judge, and buy.  Consumers can easily hype and at the same time, cancel something with just a few clicks. As one can see, it’s both exciting as it is frightening. With this fact always on top of our minds, our team consistently works on bringing fresh ideas, innovative products, hopefully engaging contents, while collaborating with the best people in the industry to keep our brand on the “hype” side.

Of course, doing digital marketing doesn’t mean that businesses should completely neglect the traditional marketing strategy. Businesses just need to know how to make the best out of these two completely different platforms to create customer engagement.”

Given all that, at FINTEX, be prepared to experience a real-time Virtual Tradeshow jampacked with exciting product demo, interesting item displays, exclusive opportunities, special shopping deals, celebrity booths, learning-rich sessions, Battle of the Bands, fun-filled activities, and more. 



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