Find Your Lost Pet: Is This Doggo Yours?

If you lost your pet dog somewhere around MOA in Pasay City, this doggo they found might be yours.

According to a Facebook post by Vanessa Agdon, they found a dog somewhere near Fitness First MOA.

The dog has a blue collar. He looked hungry so they shared some food with him.

Here’s the caption from the post:

We found this sweety going around MOA. He looks lost. His tummy looked hungry so we called him over and shared our meal with him.

If he is lost- Please SHARE so he can find his owner. Thank you guys!

But if you want to foster the little guy, by all means go and pick him up. He was seen there again last night around same area of Savory Army Navy and Inasal asking for food. PAWS is full as of the moment.

And some more photos:

lost dog moa (2) lost dog moa (1)

Please spread the word so we can help find the owner…

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