Find Out Why Taylor Swift Hikes Backwards

Taylor Swift Hikes Backwards

(Image from: Newwromatiks on Tumblr via Mashable)

Taylor Swift was spotted hiking but in somewhat an unusual manner. A netizen who posted a photo of Swift showed that the pop superstar was hiking backwards while guided by her bodyguard.

Swift explained on her Tumblr account that the reason that she was hiking backwards was to avoid paparazzis. She ensured her fans that although unusual, she did it in a safe way with the help of her security team who made sure she does not fall off the cliff.

I saw the guy with the camera and wasn’t in the mood so I hiked the whole trail backwards and my security told me when to make turns.


This is not the first time that Swift walked backwards. Previously, she was spotted walking backwards in her garage, possibly due to the same reason.

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