Find Job Opportunities and Learn about the Future of Work through Digital Transformation in the Virtual Career Academy Summit 2021

As nations from all around the world face an economic and employment crisis due to the ravaging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are tremendous difficulties arising that young and seasoned professionals alike are ill-prepared for.

Entering 2021, the Philippines is still in a bleak position, although slowly recovering. With more and more businesses closing down, we’re seeing results of massive unemployment. In October 2020, an estimated 3.8 million Filipinos were found jobless, 600,000 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s) displaced, and more than 25-million people within the informal economy are struggling to make ends meet.

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Among the people who lost their jobs in the height of the pandemic was HR Professional and Career Coach, Danica Octa, now known as the President and CEO of Metamorphosis Group, a career coaching firm that supports job seekers, career explorers, and career changers into new opportunities. The sudden changes and behavior of the market resulted in her starting this growing firm that commits itself to helping job hunters be equipped to find meaningful and sustainable career paths.


The pandemic has expedited the Fourth Industrial Revolution of human history which, by definition, is the period where the digital, physical, and biological world merges. Octa realizes that more surprises and changes will come for the Future of Work and that Digital Transformation must be the new way of living and thinking in order to thrive in an ever evolving market. This is the period of time wherein acceptance of the technological world being the New Normal is necessary, especially in the context of careers. Employers and job hunters alike must now go into dialogue and share ideas and best practices that can help each other work together in the changing job landscape all while providing job openings and other opportunities for each other to sustain themselves.


“Unique and exciting opportunities definitely await in a struggling economy. Professionals must now realize that it’s time we evolve together to make things work out in this inevitable paradigm shift. In order to provide a purposeful career path for job hunters and valuable contributions to the employer’s company vision, a venue where we exchange thoughts is necessary to achieve change. This event we’re hosting is more than just helping people find jobs and be equipped to pass job applications. We crafted this to influence significant change in an entire culture and lifestyle so that we can truly adjust to the New Normal.” Octa explains.


Co-presented by Microsoft and Go Philippines, Metamorphosis Group’s Virtual Career Academy Summit 2021 on Digital Transformation aims to give a timely solution to this costly situation. This virtual career fair will bring in numerous industry experts, from career coaches to HR professionals and practitioners, to help graduating students, young professionals, and tenured experts bridge their skills gap with their strength as a generation: Technology. It will provide you a defined Career Roadmap through webinars, virtual employer booths, mock interviews, resume workshops, and even an online raffle with prizes that help you in your career!


Featuring industry experts such as Jam Zulueta, Ziggy Zulueta, Lorenz Laguilles, Raf Lopez, Yvana Wong, Lara Eviota, Jon Gancayco, Melboy Pangan, Reinnite Madrid, and more! Participated by the top startups and corporations such as NextPay, BusinessWorld Publishing Corp, the Institute for Integrality, and REMAX Portfolio.


On top of that, win exciting and amazing raffle prizes including cash vouchers for the iPhone 12, an IPad Pro 2020, a MacBook Pro 2020 as well as a 10% Barkada Scholarship to the Singapore-based Reactor School programs and a 100% Scholarship for Metamorphosis Group’s Premium Career Coaching Program.


And if this isn’t enough to encourage you, the career fair is absolutely free. Let’s navigate this new terrain together, and help lift up generations in crisis with skills of the future.

This event is in media partnership with BusinessWorld SparkUp,, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, POPcorn with Cholo Sediaren, and the Until Entropy Reverses Podcast.


Event Date: March 22-26, 2021
Event Time: 9AM-6PM each day

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This event is open to the public.

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