Filipinos Face Verbal Abuse among Spanish Protesters on WYD 2011

When in Manila Madrid, Filipino delegates and tourists didn’t expect the hostile treatment that they were about to get with some of the Spaniards during the World Youth Day 2011. Apparently, the latter were blatantly expressing their disgust over the Catholic church by harassing the tourists who came for the said event.




World Youth Day 2011 protesters (Photo credit: AP)

The young Spanish secularists openly showed their secularist views by doing a demonstration on the streets. They were particularly protesting the lavish cost of the World Youth Day festivities, considering that taxpayers’ money is allegedly being spent. When they learn that a foreigner comes for the World Youth Day, they suddenly throw fits and shout profanities, insults, and curses at them. Some even brought placards indicating offensive messages.

A lot of Filipinos were disappointed with how some Spaniards protested over World Youth Day, despite the fact that Spain brought Christianity into the country during our 300-year colonization (1521-1898). A young man from Manila named Jan Posion said, “I just cannot fathom that they brought Christianity to us, but why are there so many anti-Catholic Spanish people now?”

Meanwhile, Fr. Conegundo Garganta, CBCP-Episcopal Commission on Youth (ECY) executive secretary, encourages Filipinos to look instead on the positive side of things.

“This pilgrimage is meant for us to experience suffering and sacrifices as a way of purifying our intentions and motivation,” he said. “It is a form of penance and we have to be open to the discomfort and pain that we will experience during WYD and offer this sacrifice to God,” 

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