Filipinos Now Face Stiff Fine with Anti-Texting Legislation

How many times do you check your phone when you’re on the road? Conversely, how many times have you witnessed someone check their phone while they were driving?

Last month, the House of Representatives adopted the Senate’s version of the proposed Anti-Distracted Driving Act to regulate the use of such communication devices and electronic gadgets while driving.

In the Senate Bill, distracted driving is defined as using mobile devices to communicate through call and text, and using electronic gadgets to play games, watch movies and surf the net.

Text messages regarding this have also been circulating as seen in the photo below:

Anti Distracted Driving ActPhoto from James Deakin’s Facebook page as sent to him by Aida Mendoza, AAP.

According to the Senate Bill, violators will be fined Php5,000 for the first offense, Php10,000 for the second offense, Php15,000 for the third offense, and Php20,000 for the fourth offense.

At the fourth offense, the violator’s driver’s license will also be cancelled.

(Drivers who use hands-free functions are exempted, though.


Regardless of whether there are fines or not, though, we would highly recommend keeping your eyes on the road at all times and to always, always drive safely, no matter what.