Filipinos Celebrate World Teacher’s Day 2011: Happy Teacher’s Day

When in Manila, teachers are being honored on this day for their unwavering dedication to impart knowledge, skill, and wisdom to their students. World Teacher’s Day is observed every October 5 to honor teachers and those who have been part of the vital workforce of academic institutions.



(Photo credit: Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna Website)



Here in the Philippines, we have a month-long celebration of World Teacher’s Day carrying the theme “ My Teacher, My Hero”, and it started last September 4. The theme highlights the unique role, service, and commitment which teachers play in guiding families, strengthening communities, and building the nation.



To celebrate this occasion, students gave their teachers tokens of appreciation such as thank-you cards and letters, orchid corsages, etc. Meanwhile, some adults honored their former teachers by sending their personal messages over Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other social network media. Some even went the extra mile by visiting their teachers to greet them. 



Netizens over Twitter expressed their gratitude to their teachers by tweeting their personal message with the hashtag Happy Teacher’s Day.



Have you thanked your teachers today?