Filipino Youtube Singers Unite for Typhoon Relief, sings ‘The Prayer’

We have been working tirelessly in the weeks since Yolanda to assemble together some of the most gifted Filipino singers that can be found online for a very special viral video collaboration, all proceeds from which will be given to charity.

[youtube id=”Nrlr0ci4DTs” width=”620″ height=”360″]


-more than a dozen Filipino YouTube stars incl. Zendee ‘the Random Girl’ and Aldrich Talonding

-each artist recorded their parts from their own home (footage was edited together by GRNMNGO)

-video features Filipino amateur singers from all over the world including North America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East

-20k views in less than 24 hours (it’s actually well beyond that but YT counter hasn’t updated yet)
-full list of artists:
Zendee ‘the Random Girl’ Tenerefe (Philippines)
Aldrich Lloyd Talonding (Philippines)
Mark ‘Kram’ Agpas (Austria)
Bryson Andres (Alaska)
Mica Javier (Philippines)
Ashley & Amanda (Canada)
Cezka Mariz (Australia)
Ryan Narciso (Canada)
Jett Hermano (USA)
Marielle ‘Yele’ Castro (Dubai)
Marvin Calderon Jr (USA)
Joyce Jimenez (Philippines)

Thirteen “YouTube singers” from across the globe dedicated their time and talents to this project, which is designed to help raise global
awareness for the still ongoing need for aid and relief in the most hard hit areas in the Philippines.

Participants in this video include Zendee Tenerefe and Aldrich Talonding, both of whom famously appeared on the Ellen Show. A pair of American Idol ‘veterans’ are also in the mix in the form of Marvin Calderon Jr and Jett Hermano, while talented Filipino singers from as far away as Austria and Australia also took the time to record and send in footage of themselves singing different parts of ‘The Prayer’, which we then painstakingly edited together to form an utterly moving and compelling virtual choir that was only made
possible through the advent of social media.

We are especially pleased to include the latest Filipino singer to have gone viral internationally – Joyce Jimenez, the sweet little
blind girl from Davao who captured the hearts of netizens around the world with her soulful rendition of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball.

We hope you will help us spread it through your channels, as we sincerely believe that a whole lot of good can come from this video.


Filipino Youtube Singers Unite for Typhoon Relief, sings ‘The Prayer’

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