Filipino Team TNC Predator Will Win At Least Php 30M in DOTA 2 Tournament

Are you a fan of playing video games during your free time? If yes, then you might have heard people telling you that nothing good would come out of playing those online games. Next time someone tells you that, you can tell them about the prize you can get from playing competitively!

TNC Predator, a Filipino e-sports team, just secured a slot in the upper bracket for The International 2019! To the unacquainted, The International is an annual DOTA 2 competition where the prize pool is crowdfunded by its players. The winners of the tournament will receive the largest percentage of the prize pool in addition to the Aegis of Champions trophy.

What does this mean for our boys? This means that they are sure to win at least $600,000 (~Php 31,000,000)! This was after they had a 2-0 victory against team Liquid. We’re hoping that they claim the #1 spot. All together now: “ayan, kaka-computer niyo!”

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