Filipino Student Can’t Afford Eraser So He Uses His Rubber Slipper Instead

In a developing country like the Philippines, many children inevitably experience poverty. These children rarely have the chance to continue their education as they are usually forced to work at an early age so that they can support their family. Still, some children still transcend the odds of their situation.


Although many children who go to public schools cannot afford their own uniform, shoes, bag, pencil, paper, a notebook or even an eraser. A young boy named Harold Lumpong is a student of Engracio M Castañeda Elementary School in La Paz, Tarlac. This elementary boy has managed to get by his need for an eraser by using his rubber slipper instead. As mentioned by his teacher, Harold has always attended school even though he lacks the proper school items and stationery that he needs for his studies. Like the other students in his class, they also lack pencils and erasers like Harold.

boyusesslipperboy uses pencil

Coming from a poor family, Harold is unable to afford to buy an eraser or purchase most of his school supplies.

Also, the pencil that he was using in the interview was a pencil that he has been using for more than a year. His pencil was seen to be overused and he was struggling to write with it where it no longer has an eraser as well. 

The story in the video mentioned that one day, when his pencil ran out of an eraser, Harold asked if he could borrow an eraser from his classmate. Harold learned from his classmate that the eraser he lent him was made out of a rubber slipper. After knowing about this, this young boy decided to try it out for himself if it would work. Reportedly, he decided to use his rubber slipper to erase his mistakes whenever he had homework to accomplish and he has been using this method ever since.

According to Harold’s teacher, the young boy is quite a diligent, smart, and generous student. Whenever his classmates ask to borrow an eraser from him, he would gladly lend it to them. In fact, Harold is not the only one in his class to go through the same situation. Apparently, there are many of his classmates who cannot afford even a pencil. A reminder to all that a pencil costs only 11 pesos or less in some stores. 


Still, the boy remains positive as he does not want to throw the opportunity to study away. In the report, when the boy was asked what he wanted to be when he grows up he shares that he wants to become a fisherman like his father.

What do you think of his situation?